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Where Can I Get a Surety Bond in Florida?

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There are many bonds that are required by the state of Florida for registration, license and permit, court, contract and tax purposes. These include the following:

Florida Acupuncture License Bond
Florida Court Bond, Florida Administrator Bond, Florida Executor Bond, Florida Guardianship Bond, Florida Conservator Bond
Florida Agricultural Products Dealer License Bond
-- Includes: Florida Agricultural Commodity Dealer License Bond, Florida Fruits and Vegetable Dealer License Bond
Florida Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco License and Permit Bond -- Includes: Florida Wine Bond, Florida Beer Bond, Florida Distiller Bond, Florida Manufacturer Bond, Florida Warehouse Bond, Florida JDBW Distributor Bond, Florida KLD Distributor Bond, Florida Tobacco Distributor Bond, Florida Cigarette Tax-Paid Distributor Bond, Florida Cigarette Stamping Distributor Bond, Florida Cigarette Distributing Agent Bond, Florida Cigarette Exporter Bond
Florida Aerial Application of Seed, Pesticides & Fertilizer Registration Bond
Florida Boxing Promoter License Bond
-- Includes: Florida Combat Promoter License Bond
Florida Cemetery Performance Bond
Florida Certificate of Title Surety Bond
: Also known as Florida Lost Title Bond
Florida Citrus Fruit Dealer to Guarantee Citrus Excise Assessments Bond
Florida Citrus Fruit Dealer License Bond
Florida Citrus Fruit Inspection Fees Bond
Florida Class I Wildlife for Exhibition or Public Sale Permit Bond
Florida Commercial Collection Agency License Bond
Florida Commercial Driver License Third Party Testing Bond
Florida Construction Materials Mining Company License Bond
Florida Contract Bond
-- Includes: Florida Bid Bond, Florida Payment and Performance Bond
Florida Construction Contractor License Bond-- Includes: Florida General Contractor (GC) Bond, Florida Building Contractor Bond, Florida Residential Contractor Bond, Florida Class A Air Conditioning Contractor Bond, Florida Drywall Bond, Florida Division 1 Bond, Florida Division 2 Bond, Florida Residential Pool Bond, Florida Pool Servicing Bond, Florida Spa Servicing Bond, Florida Irrigation Specialty Bond, Florida Plumbing Bond, Florida Plummer Bond, Florida Financial Responsible Officer Bond
Florida Credit Service Organization Bond
Florida Dance Studio Registration Bond
Florida Discount Medical Plan Organization License Bond
Florida Fertilizer Dealer License Bond
Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission Sub-Agent Bond
Florida Fuel or Pollutants Tax Bond
-- Includes: Florida Fuel Importer Bond, Florida Fuel Dealer Bond, Florida Interstate Motor Carrier Bond, Florida Motor Carrier Bond, Florida Motor Carrier Use Fuel Bond, Florida Motor Vehicle Fuel Importer Bond, Florida Special Fuel Bond, Florida Wholesale Dealer Bond
Florida Game Promotion Registration Bond
Florida Hazardous Waste Financial Guarantee Bond
-- Includes: Florida Hazardous Waste Facility Surety Bond to Demonstrate Liability Coverage, Florida Hazardous Waste Transporter
Florida Health Studio Registration Bond
Florida Household Moving Services Registration Bond
-- Includes: Florida Household Movers Bond, Florida Household Brokers Bond
Florida Leased Nursing Home License Bond
Florida Limited Prescription Drug Veterinary Wholesale Distributor Permit Bond
Florida Lost Instrument Bond
Florida Lottery Retailer Bond
Florida Medicaid Registration Bond
-- Includes: Florida Home Health Agency Bond, Florida DME Bond, Florida Durable Medical Equipment Bond
Florida Mitigation Performance Bond for Financial Assurance -- Includes: Florida Mitigation Performance Bond to Demonstrate Construction & Implementation Financial Assurance
Florida Mobile Home Dealer License Bond -- Includes: Florida New Mobile Home Dealer License Bond, Florida Used Mobile Home Dealer License Bond, Florida Used Mobile Home Broker License Bond, Florida Mobile Home Installer License, Florida Mobile Home Manufacturer License Bond, Florida Mobile Home Manufacturer License
Florida Money Services Business Bond--includes: Money Transmitter License Bond
Florida Motor Vehicle Dealer License Bond-- Includes: Florida New Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond License, Florida Used Motor Vehicle Dealer License Bond
Florida Non-Native Species Planting Permit Bond
Florida Oil and Gas Permit Bond
-- Includes: Florida Plugging and Site Restoration Single Well Bond, Florida Performance Bond For Geophysical Exploration, Florida Performance Bond For Multiple Wells
Florida Pari-Mutuel Wagering License Bond
Florida Patient Trust Bond
-- Includes: Florida Leased Nursing Home Bond
Florida Pawnbrokering Registration Bond -- Includes: Florida Pawnshop Bond
Florida Phosphogypsum Stack System Performance Bond to Demonstrate Closure, Water Management and/or Long-Term Care Financial Assurance
Florida Premium Finance Company License Bond
Florida Preneed License Bond
(Funeral Merchandise and Services Sales Bond)
Florida Prescription Drug Wholesale Distributor Permit Bond
Florida Private School Participating in Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program Bond
Florida Process Server Bond
(Judicial Circuit Court)
Florida Professional Solicitor Registration Bond
Florida Public Adjuster License
-- Includes: Florida Resident Public Adjuster Bond, Florida Non-Resident Public Adjuster License Bond
Florida Public Sale of Thoroughbred Horses License Bond
Florida Recreational Vehicle Dealer License Bond -- Includes: Florida New Recreational Dealer License Bond, Florida Used Recreational Dealer License Bond, Florida Recreational Vehicle Distributor License Bond, Florida Recreational Vehicle Importer License Bond, Florida Recreational Van Converter License Bond, Florida Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer License Bond
Florida Sales and Use Tax Bond
Florida Seller of Travel Registration
Florida Service Warranty Association License
-- Includes: Florida Home Warranty Service, Florida Motor Vehicle Service Agreements
Florida Slot Machine Registration
Florida Solid Waste Facility Performance Bond
-- Includes: Florida Solid Waste Facility Financial Guarantee Bond
Florida Storage Tanks
Florida Talent Agency License Bond
Florida Telemarketing License Bond
-- Includes: Florida Telemarketer License Bond, Florida Commercial Telephone Seller License Bond
Florida Third Party Administrator Certificate Bond -- Includes Florida Certificate of Authority Administrator Bond
Florida Third Party Administrator For Driver License Testing Bond
Florida Title Agency License Bond
Florida Title Loan Companies License Bond
-- Includes: Florida Title Lender License Bond
Florida Underground Storage Tank Performance Bond
Florida Utility Bond (various agencies)
Florida Venomous Reptiles Permit Bond
Florida Yacht and Ship Employing Broker License Bond
-- Includes: Florida Yacht and Ship Broker License Bond, Yacht and Ship Salesperson License Bond

How Much Will This Bond Cost?

Bond amounts in Florida vary by the type of bond needed and the bond amount required. The premium or cost that you pay can depend on many factors including bond type, your credit history, length of time in business and may require personal or business financial statements.

Common Florida Bonds
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