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Is a Performance Bond Required for Phosphogypsum Stack Systems in Florida?

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The State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Mining and Mitigation Program is responsible for the administration of reclamation and wetland resource permitting programs and Phosphogypsum Stack Systems.

The mining and mitigation program details can be found in Part II of Chapter 211, Part IV of Chapter 373 and Parts II and III Chapter 378 of the Florida Statutes and Rules 62-673.640 of the Florida Administrative Code.

The regulatory process includes a required financial assurance through various means including but not limited to: a Letter of Credit, insurance, guarantee surety bond, performance surety bond, cash deposit arrangement, or financial test or corporate guarantee.

Financial assurance varies on the costs for the terminal closure, long-term care, water management, etc.

How Much Will This Bond Cost?

The premium that you pay for a Florida Phosphogypsum Stack System Performance Bond to demonstrate closure, water management and/or long-term financial assurance is dependent on: post-closure plans, credit of each owner, personal financials, business financials and the bond amount required, as well as any additional underwriting documentation required.

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