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Where Can I Get a Nevada Surety Bond? is licensed to write all Nevada Surety Bonds, and has the bond you need. Our Surety Bond Specialists in most cases can get you bonded quickly and easily. We offer low rates, dependable service and can write bonds for almost any bond type. If you do not see the bond you need listed below, please contact us to find out about the bond you are looking for. Or call for a free, no-obligation quote.

Who Requires a Surety Bond?

Many Nevada state departments and agencies require a surety bond from those applying for a permit or license. The agencies include: Commission on Postsecondary Education, Commissioner of Mortgage Lending, Department of Business and Industry, Department of Business and Industry - Consumer Affairs Division, Department of Commerce - Division of Banking, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Human Resources - Division for Aging Services, Department of Motor Vehicles and Public Safety, Department of Taxation, Division of Industrial Relations, Division of Insurance, Division of Mortgage Lending, Financial Institutions Division, Gaming Commission - Tax and License Division, Motor Carrier Division, Occupational and Business Licensing, Office of the Labor Commissioner, Secretary of State, State Board of Pharmacy, and State Contractors Board.

In addition to the state, many municipalities, courts and private entities may have a bond requirement for purposes such as administering an estate, bidding on contracts, or replacing a lost document.

How Much Will This Bond Cost?

Bond amounts in Nevada vary by the type of bond needed and the bond amount required. The premium or cost that you pay can depend on many factors including your credit history, length of time in business and may require personal or business financial statements.

There are many bonds that are required by the state of Nevada for license and permit, contract, and tax purposes. These include the following:

Common Nevada Surety Bonds
Nevada Contract Bond -- Includes: Nevada Bid Bond, Nevada Payment and Performance BondApply Online
Nevada Health Care Facilities Bond -- Includes: Nevada Facilities for Skilled Nursing Bond, Nevada Facilities for Intermediate Care Bond, Nevada Agencies to Provide Nursing in the Home Bond, Nevada Personal Care Attendant Agencies Bond, Nevada Residential Facilities for Groups Bond, Nevada Facilities for Refractive Surgery Bond, Nevada Home for Individual Residential Care BondApply Online
Nevada Lost Instrument BondApply Online
Nevada Money Transmitter BondApply Online
Nevada Mortgage Company Bond -- Includes: Nevada Mortgage Banker Surety Bond, Nevada Mortgage Servicer Surety Bond, Nevada Supplemental Mortgage Servicer BondApply Online
Nevada Motor Vehicle Industry Business BondApply Online
Other Nevada Surety Bonds
City of Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Establishment Surety Bonds Apply Online
Nevada Bail Bondsman Bond -- Includes: Nevada Bail Agent Bond, Nevada Bail Solicitor BondApply Online
Nevada Care Facilities Services BondApply Online
Nevada Check Casher Surety Bond -- Includes: Nevada Deferred Deposit Services BondApply Online
Nevada Cigarette Tax Bond -- Includes: Nevada Other Tobacco Products Tax BondApply Online
Nevada Collection Agency Surety BondApply Online
Nevada Court Bond, Administrator Bond, Conservator Bond, Guardian Bond, Executor Bond, Appeal Bond, Injunction Bond, etc.Apply Online
Nevada Covered Service Provider Surety BondApply Online
Nevada Debt Management Services Act BondApply Online
Nevada Document Preparation Services BondApply Online
Nevada Employee Leasing Agency BondApply Online
Nevada Employment Agency BondApply Online
Nevada Escrow Agency License Surety BondApply Online
Nevada Funeral Seller Bond -- Includes: Nevada Cemetery Seller BondApply Online
Nevada Surety Bond For Gaming EstablishmentApply Online
Nevada Interactive Gaming BondApply Online
Nevada Liquor Tax Bond -- Includes: Nevada Beer Importer Tax Bond, Nevada Wine Importer Tax Bond, Nevada Liquor Importer Tax Bond, Nevada Beer Wholesaler Tax Bond, Nevada Wine Wholesaler Tax Bond, Nevada Liquor Wholesaler Tax Bond, Nevada Brewer Tax Bond, Nevada Winemaker Tax BondApply Online
Nevada Livestock Broker Bond -- Includes: Nevada Livestock Commission Merchant Bond, Nevada Livestock Dealer Bond, Nevada Livestock Broker Bond, Nevada Livestock Auction BondApply Online
Nevada Motor Fuel and Special Fuel Bond -- Includes: Nevada Motor Fuel Supplier Bond, Nevada Motor Fuel Distributor Bond, Nevada Jet Fuel Supplier Bond, Nevada Jet Fuel Distributor Bond, Nevada Aviation Fuel Supplier Bond, Nevada Aviation Fuel Distributor Bond, Nevada Special Fuel Dealer Bond, Nevada Motor Fuel Exporter Bond, Nevada Motor Fuel Transporter Bond, Nevada Motor Vehicle Damage Appraiser BondApply Online
Nevada Notary Public BondApply Online
Nevada Mineral Resources Permit Surety Bond -- Includes: Nevada Oil and Gas Drilling Surety Bond, Nevada Geothermal Drilling Surety BondApply Online
Nevada Nonparticipating Manufacturer Surety BondApply Online
Nevada Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Bond Apply Online
Nevada Private Elementary School Bond -- Includes: Nevada Private Secondary School BondApply Online
Nevada Postsecondary Education BondApply Online
Nevada Promoter Bond -- Includes: Nevada Professional Promoter Bond, Nevada Professional Boxing Promoter Bond, Nevada Professional Kickboxing Promoter Bond, Nevada Professional Mixed Martial Arts Promoter Bond, Nevada Amateur Promoter Bond, Nevada Amateur Kickboxing Promoter Bond, Nevada Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Promoter BondApply Online
Nevada Public Weighmaster BondApply Online
Nevada Race Book Bond -- Includes: Nevada Sports Pool BondApply Online
Nevada Reclamation Surety BondApply Online
Nevada Third Party Administrator BondApply Online
Nevada Underground Storage Tank Surety BondApply Online

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