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Do Third Party Administrators Administering Class E Drivers License Testing Need a Performance Surety Bond?

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The State of Florida Department of Safety and Motor Vehicle Division of Motorist Services, Bureau of Motorist Compliance, has the duty to oversee the registration/contract of Third Party Driver License Testing Administrators, class E driver testing for the public, operations and compliance.

Florida Statues 322.56, contracts for administration of class E driver license examinations provides details of the application requirements.

The application process includes:
1. Complete the third party driver testing administrator contract application.
2. Submit fingerprints through the approved state vendor “Live Scan” to conduct background checks on each employee, examiner, agent, partner, owner or officer.
3. Provide a business model that includes owners' and operators' information and fleet vehicle information if providing driver license testing services.
4. Complete the Third Party Administrator Agreement/Contract with original signatures.
5. Provide a Certificate of State obtained from the Florida Secretary of State and a Fictitious Name Filing if utilizing a fictitious name.
6. Provide proof of Commercial General Liability Insurance.
7. A $200,000 performance surety bond is required to fullfill a contract requirement. In lieu of a surety bond, a certificate of deposit or letter of credit can be deposited with the state. A separate surety bond or letter of credit is required for each contract if services offered include either/or the driver skills test and/or knowledge test examinations.
8. Complete the Hold Harmless Clause on company letterhead, signed and dated by a corporate officer.

How Much Will This Bond Cost?

The premium that you pay for a Florida Third Party Administrator Driver License Testing Service For The Purpose of Administering Class E Knowledge Exams to the Public Performance Surety Bond is dependent credit, and personal and business financials.

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