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Who is Required to Obtain a Florida Fuel or Pollutants Tax Bond?

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The Florida Department of Revenue requires a Fuel or Pollutants Tax Bond for businesses involved in the production or importation of pollutants to have a license and a surety bond. Pollutants include petroleum products, pesticides, ammonia, chlorine and solvents. Those that must register for a license include: fuel blenders, fuel carriers, fuel exporters, fuel importers, local government users of diesel fuels, mass transit system providers, pollutants, retailers of natural gas, terminal operators, terminal suppliers, and wholesalers.

Fuel or Pollutants Tax applicants need to apply with the Florida Department of Revenue e-services system and pay the license fee.

The application process includes:

Complete a seperate application for each business activity.

Complete the background check.. Terminal suppliers, pollutants, importers, exporters, blenders, carriers, terminal operators, wholesalers, and retailers of natural gas must undergo a background check.

Obtain a surety bond:

Businesses that are required to be bonded include:

  • Fuel Importer
  • Fuel Dealer
  • Interstate Motor Carrier
  • Motor Carrier
  • Motor Carrier Use Fuel
  • Motor Vehicle Fuel Importers
  • Special Fuel
  • Wholesale Dealers

  • Each terminal supplier, exporter, wholesaler, pollutant or importer must file a bond with the Florida Department of Revenue before a license can be issued.

    Other than an importer, the bond must equal 3 times the estimated average monthly gallons purchased times the total tax levied, not to exceed $100,000. An importer’s bond must equal 60 days of tax liability. The importers license does not have a maximum bond amount. If the average is less than $50 a bond is not required.

    A separate surety bond is required for each product type. The bond ensures faithful compliance with the Florida statutory tax provisions. Obtain your bond from SuretyGroup.com

    What Will My Bond Cost?

    Premium for a Florida Fuel or Pollutant Tax Bond is dependent on credit and the bond amount required. Bond amounts over $50,000 will require personal and/or business financial statements.

    How Do I Get a Surety Bond?

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