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Do Construction Materials Mining Companies in Florida Need a Bond?

A Mining Company works in Florida

Construction Materials Mining Companies in Florida must have a letter of credit or a Surety Bond for $100,000 before a license will be issued. A license is valid for ten years from the date of issue.

Florida ranks fifth in the nation for mineral production, and second in the nation for limestone production. Other mining in Florida includes sand, gravel, clay, heavy minerals, phosphate and peat.

Construction Materials Mining Companies use explosives, which can result in physical ground vibrations and air blasts. The bond guarantees that the mining companies will faithfully comply with all rules and regulations of the Department of Financial Services to avoid damages to nearby property owners.

Application requirements for materials mining include:
Provide the name of the mining operation that lists contact information for a responsible person.
Physical location of the mine.
Provide the mailing address if it is not the same as the physical location.
Telephone and fax number.
Physical description of the property and written consent of the property owner. Evidence of ownership must be included. Written consent is not needed if the applicant is also the property owner.
Name, company name, license number, telephone and fax number of the licensed user of explosives.
Seismologist name, firm name, address and contact information.

Required documents include:
Construction Mining Activity Application.
Accurate scaled aerial photographs of the proposed mining area showing the boundaries of the mining area.
A map showing the proposed mining area property lines and land owned or controlled by the applicant.
A written description of the type of mining to be conducted.
A conceptual mining plan
The zoning classification of all properties within one mile of the proposed mining area

A physical inspection of the mining area will be conducted before final approval is given.

How Much Will This Bond Cost?

The premium that you pay for a Florida Construction Materials Mining Company Bond is dependent of credit and personal and or business financial statements. Call our Surety Bond Specialists for a free, no-obligation quote.

Did You Know?

Mining permit holders must keep a blast report, and no blasting may be done on weekends, official holidays, or before 8am and after 5pm on weekdays.

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