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Florida Citrus Fruit Dealers Surety Bond for Assessment Fees or Inspection Fees

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A Florida Citrus Fruit Dealer, Assessment Fee, Or Inspection Fee Surety Bond is a requirement for licensure and guarantees that dealers will comply with the laws enacted by the state in the purchasing, sale, handling, and accounting of citrus fruit. The amount of the surety bond is determined by the Department, which considers the following factors: amount of fruit handled the previous season, anticipated amount of the dealer's crop for the season in which the application is made and other factors. The definition of a citrus fruit dealer is someone that purchases fruit directly from processors, packinghouses, growers, gift fruit order takers and shippers.

Surety Bond Requirements:

The FL citrus fruit growing season is August 1- July 31, thus July 31 is the expiration date of the surety bond as well.

The surety bond amount is calculated by the following schedule:

  • $1,000 surety bond = up to 2,000 boxes
  • $2,000 surety bond = up to 5,000 boxes
  • $3,750 surety bond = up to 7500 boxes
  • $5,000 surety bond = up to 10,000 boxes
  • $10,000 surety bond = up to 20,000 boxes
  • $1,000 surety bond for each additional 20,000 boxes or fraction thereof in excess of 20,000 boxes, with a maximum of $100,000 surety bond
  • Dealer applicants can apply for a license through the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS), Department of Citrus and pay the license fee.

    Assessment fee surety bonds are required for any processor, grower, packinghouse for assessments paid. The Assessment Surety Calculation form will need to be completed to determine the surety bond amount.

    Inspection fee surety bonds are required for any processor and packinghouse that will have fruit or fruit products that will require inspection by either the USDA or the Florida Division of Fruit & Vegetables. The bond form will be mailed out by June 1 of each year and will have the required bond amount included on it. The bond form will need to be sent to a surety for completion.

    How Much Will This FL Bond Cost?

    The premium that you pay for a Florida Citrus Fruit Dealer, Assessment Fee Surety Bond or a Inspection Fee Surety Bond is dependent on credit and the bond amount required. For bond amounts less than $10,000, rates start as low as $100 with your good credit. Surety bond amounts over $50,000 require personal and or business financial statements. Contact our Surety Bond Specialists for a free quote that fits your specific situation.

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    More Surety Bond Questions?

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