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Who Requires a Surety Bond?

Many California state departments and agencies require a surety bond from those applying for a permit or license. The agencies include: Attorney General, Contractors State License Board, Department of Industrial Relations, Department of Justice, Department of Motor Vehicles, and Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery.

In addition to the state, many municipalities, courts and private entities may have a bond requirement for purposes such as administering an estate, bidding on contracts, or replacing a lost document.

How Much Will This Bond Cost?

Bond amounts in California vary by the type of bond needed and the bond amount required. The premium, or cost that you pay, can depend on many factors including bond type, your credit history, length of time in business and may require personal or business financial statements.

Why Do I Need a Surety Bond?

There are many instances where you might need to get a bond. You may need to a bond to obtain a business license or permit as a guarantee that you will conduct business honestly. A judge could require an administrator of a will to be bonded, which protects the estate. If you lost a valuable document and need a replacement, a surety bond protects the original issuer from financial loss. A surety bond is not insurance -- it's a guarantee that you will honor your contract.

There are many bonds that are required by the state of California for registration, license and permit, contract, court and tax purposes.

Common California Surety Bonds
California Alcoholic Beverage Tax BondApply Online
California Cultivation Manufacturing & Retail Cannabis Surety BondsApply Online
California Contract BondApply Online
California Contractor's License BondApply Online
California Dance Studio BondApply Online
California Finance Lender License Bond -- Includes California Finance Broker License Bond Apply Online
California Lost Instrument BondApply Online
California Milk Handler's License BondApply Online
California Mortgage Bonds -- Includes: California Bond of Residential Mortgage Lender, California Bond of Residential Mortgage ServicerApply Online
California Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond -- Includes: California Dealer Bond, California New Dealer Bond, California Used Dealer Bond, California Dealer-Wholesale Bond, California Autobroker Bond, California Motorcycle Lessor Bond, California Motorcycle Retailer Bond, California All-Terrain Vehicle Dealer (ATV) BondApply Online
California Nurses Registry BondApply Online
California Seller of Travel BondApply Online
California Waste Tire Hauler BondApply Online
More Surety Bonds for California
California Administrator Bond, California Executor Bond, California Guardianship Bond, California Conservator Bond, California Court Bond Apply Online
California Adoption Facilitator BondApply Online
California Aggregator Performance BondApply Online
California Auctioneer Surety Bond -- Includes: California Auction Company Bond Apply Online
California Bond of Bail Agent -- Includes: California Bond of Bail SolicitorApply Online
California Business Partner Automations Program BondApply Online
California Bond of Seller -- Includes: California Sales and Use Tax BondApply Online
California Broker of Construction Trucking Services Bond
Apply Online
California Car Wash Business Bond
Apply Online
California Bond of Cargo Shipper’s Agent Apply Online
California Surety Bond of Cemetery Brokers -- Includes: California Cemetery Certificate of Authority Bond, California Crematory License Bond Apply Online
California Bond of Check Seller Apply Online
California Class II Commercial Waste Water Disposal Well Indemnity BondApply Online
California Commercial Requestor Account Surety Bond Apply Online
California Company Registration Pest Control Bond Apply Online
California Credit Repair Services Bond -- Includes: California Credit Services Organization Bond Apply Online
California Deferred Deposit Transaction Permit BondApply Online
California Surety Bond for Discount Buying OrganizationApply Online
California Employment Agency Surety Bond Apply Online
California Employment Counseling Service Surety BondApply Online
California Bond of Escrow Agent -- Includes: California Escrow Licensee Bond Apply Online
California Foreclosure Consultant Surety Bond Apply Online
California Franchise Investment BondApply Online
California Guide License BondApply Online
California Health Studio Surety BondApply Online
California Individual Class II Commercial Waste Water Disposal Well Indemnity BondApply Online
California Inedible Kitchen Grease Transporter BondApply Online
California Immigration Consultant Surety Bond Apply Online
California Bond of Insurance AdjusterApply Online
California Bond of Insurance BrokerApply Online
California Intention Developer Surety BondApply Online
California IRP Bonded Web UserApply Online
California Job Listing Service Surety BondApply Online
California Legal Document Assistant Bond Apply Online
California LLC Employee/Worker BondApply Online
California Surety Bond For Marine Oil Spill Response and DamagesApply Online
California Mine Reclamation Sole Proprietorship Surety BondApply Online
California Money Transmitter License Bond -- Includes: California Money Transmitter Receiving Funds Bond, California Payment and Instrument or Stored Value License BondApply Online
California Motor Vehicle Ownership Surety Bond -- Also known as California Lost Title BondApply Online
California Notary Bond Apply Online
California Oil and Gas Well Indemnity Bond --- includes: California Oil and Gas Well Individual Indemnity Bond, California Oil and Gas Well Blanket Indemnity Bond, California Oil and Gas Well Idle Indemnity BondApply Online
California Parking Lot Bond (City of Los Angeles)Apply Online
California Personal Lines Broker Bond -- Includes: California Personal Lines Agent BondApply Online
California Pest Control BondApply Online
California Prepaid Rental Listing Service Bond --PRLS Surety BondApply Online
California Prescription Drug Wholesaler Pharmacy Bond Apply Online
California Process Server Bond Apply Online
California Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program Administrator Surety BondApply Online
California Professional Club and Promoter's Bond -- Includes: California Boxing Promoter Bond, California Wrestling Promoter BondApply Online
California Bond of Public Insurance Adjuster Apply Online
California Registration Service BondApply Online
California Registry of Charitable Trust Bond -- Includes: California Commercial Fundraiser BondApply Online
California Student Loan Servicing Company BondApply Online
California Bond of Special Lines Surplus Line Broker -- Includes: California Bond of Surplus Line BrokerApply Online
California Talent Agency BondApply Online
California Tax Preparer Bond Apply Online
California Telephone Corporation Surety BondApply Online
California Traffic Violator School (TVS) Owner Surety BondApply Online
California Telephonic Seller Surety Bond -- Includes: California Telephone Solicitor Bond Apply Online
California Vehicle Verifier Surety Bond Apply Online
California Water Well Driller Bond Apply Online
California Yacht Broker License Bond --Includes: California Ship Broker License BondApply Online

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