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Who Needs a Bond in Florida for Alcohol and Tobacco Taxes?

Bottles of alcohol in a production line

Florida requires licenses or permits for those in the alcohol and tobacco industry and a surety bond. The bond is a guarantee that all taxes will be paid.

A separate bond must be submitted for each type of license or permit.

Bond Requirements Are As Follows:

  • Alcoholic Beverages -Manufacturer -Malt Beverages (Beer) $20,000
  • Alcoholic Beverages -Manufacturer -Wine $5,000
  • Alcoholic Beverages -Manufacturer -Wine & Cordials $5,000
  • Alcoholic Beverages -Manufacturer -Distilled Spirit (Liquor) $25,000
  • Alcoholic Beverages -Manufacturer -Rectify and/or Blend $25,000
  • Alcoholic Beverages -Distributor -Beer and/or Wine $25,000
  • Alcoholic Beverages -Distributor -Beer, Wine & Liquor $100,000
  • Alcoholic Beverages -Importer -Beer, Wine & Liquor $0-Prohibited
  • Alcoholic Beverages -Broker or Sales Agent -Beer, Wine & Liquor $0-Prohibited
  • Alcoholic Beverages -Bonded Warehouse -Beer, Wine & Liquor $5,000
  • Cigarettes -Distributor -Tax Paid (Only), Stamping Agent (Cash & Charge) $2,000 to Unlimited
  • Cigarettes -Distributing Agent -Public Warehousing $2,000 to Unlimited
  • Tobacco Products -Distributor -Pipe, Tobacco, Chewing Tobacco, & Snuff Bond is Unlimited amount
  • All licenses and permits issued must have a properly executed surety bond. If the surety bond becomes expired or cancelled, the licensee or permitee must cease all operations until a new bond is secured.

    Applicants can apply for their license and permit with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

    How Much Will This Bond Cost?

    The premium that you pay for a Florida Alcohol or Tobacco Bond is dependent on credit, and the bond amount needed. For bond amounts over $50,000, personal and/or business financial statements are required.

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