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A judge orders an Injunction Bond

An Injunction Bond is used in connection with an injunction court order or a preliminary injunction court order necessitates that a party cease and desist a particular action.The Injunction Bond is a guarantee that covers financial damages to the party served with an injunction notice if the injunction notice is later determined to be wrongful.

Injunctions require an individual or business to do or not to do a specific action and are considered equitable remedies. There are several types of injunctions including a preliminary injunction, an affirmative injunction and a prohibitive injunction. A preliminary injunction prevents the defendant from acting in a way that would cause harm to the plantiff and their rights. An affirmative injunction is a mandatory injunction that directs the defendent do some form of action. A prohibitive injunction stops the defending from an action until there is a hearing on the matter.

The Premium amount of the bond is determined by the amount of the court order, plus any interest and any other costs. Injunction bonds require 100% collateral and must be provided prior to the bond being issued.

Along with your injunction bond application, we will need a copy of the court order to determine the bond amount which will include any financial loss and litigation costs if the injunction is condsidered improper. You may email this along with your application to info@suretygroup.com or fax to 404‑351‑3237. We also write bonds for supersedeas, mechanic's lien and appeal bonds.

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