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How To Obtain a Surety Bond in New York

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SuretyGroup.com is licensed to write all New York Surety Bonds.

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Some of the more common bonds for the State of New York and New York City include:

Appearance Enhancement Business
Auctioneer License
(New York City) -- Includes Auction House
Bail Enforcement Agent
Booting Company
(New York City)
Certificate of Title -- Includes Bond Under Section 2105(d), Lost Title
Collateral Loan Broker
Collection Agency
(City of Buffalo)
Contract -- Includes: Bid Bond, Payment and Performance
Contractor -- Includes Home Improvement (New York City)
Debt Collection Agency (New York City)
Employment Agency -- Includes: Temporary Employment Agency, Theatrical Personal Manager, Executive Search Firm, Employer Paid Agencies, City of New York
Farm Produce Dealer -- Includes Farm Products Dealer
For-Hire Passenger Vehicle -- Includes For-Hire Registrations
Games of Chance
Health Club
Immigration Assistance Services
(New York City)
Laundry Jobber (New York City)
Liquor -- Includes Restaurant Brewer, Wholesale Brewer, Brewer Manufacturer, Cider Producer, Cider Wholesaler, Cider Manufacturer, Wholesale Distiller, Wholesale Manufacturer, Beer Wholesaler, Liquor Wholesaler, Wine Wholesaler, Winery, Special Winery, Liquor Retailer, Alcohol Transportation, Alcohol Fleet Trucking, Alcohol Fleet Company, Alcohol Trucking, Liquor Bottling, Wine Bottling, Taxicab Delivery, Alcohol Warehouse
Lost Instrument -- Includes Escheated Property, Lost Property
Manufactured Homes -- Includes: Manufacturer of Manufactured Homes, Installer of Manufactured Homes, Retailer of Manufactured Homes, Mechanic of Manufactured Homes
Milk Dealer
Mined Land Reclamation Permit
Money Transmitter
Motor Fuel Excise Tax
-- Includes Motor Fuel Distributor, Motor Fuel Importer, In-state: Motor Fuel Producer, Motor Fuel Refiner Motor Fuel Manufacturer, Compound Motor Fuel, Diesel Motor Fuel Distributor, Diesel Motor Fuel Importer, In State Non-Consumer Sales: Diesel Fuel Motor Fuel Producer, Diesel Motor Fuel Refiner, Diesel Motor Fuel Manufacturer, Compound Diesel Motor Fuel
Motor Vehicle Dealer -- Includes Used Motor Vehicle Dealer, Used Motor Vehicle Dealer, Automobile Broker
Mortgage Banker -- Includes Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Loan Servicer License
Pawnbroker (New York City)
Private Investigator -- Includes Watch, Guard or Patrol Agency
Process Server (New York City)
Professional Fund Raiser
-- Includes Boxing Promoter, Corporation Bond for Boxing Promoter, Guarantee Bond for Boxing Promoter, Guarantee Bond for Wrestling Promoter, MMA, Mixed Martial Arts, Combative Sports Promoter
Public Adjuster
Secondhand Dealer Firearms
(New York City)
Storage Warehouse (New York City)
Ticket Reseller
Tow Truck Company
(New York City)
Wage Payment
Well Plugging Restoration
-- Includes Well Surface Restoration

What Does A New York Surety Bond Cost?

Bond amounts in New York vary by the type of bond needed and the state's requirements.

The premium cost that you pay can depend on many factors including bond type, your credit history and length of time in business.

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How Do I Get A New York Surety Bond?

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SuretyGroup.com has been underwriting surety bonds for over 35 years throughout the US. We have a team of experienced surety agents and in-house underwriting authority, which gives us a unique advantage over other surety companies. We are able to offer competitive, low rates, quick approvals and immediate bond delivery. In most cases we can approve your application today and deliver your bond tomorrow.

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