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Mortgage Broker Have License And Bond Requirements

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Mortgage Brokers, Lenders, Servicers, Loan Originators, Mortgage Companies and more are required to secure a surety bond to guarantee that they will comply with the rules and regulations set forth by a states license codes. A Mortgage Broker Bond will also protect consumers against misleading and fraudulent lending practices. SuretyGroup.com offers bonds at excellent rates with simplified underwriting.


How to Apply for a Mortgage Broker Surety Bond

1) The first step in applying for a mortgage broker bond is understanding the licensing requirements of the state in which you will operate. Click on the state below to learn more about that state's requirements.

  • Most states require yearly continuing education and charge a licensing fee.
  • Some states require a mortgage broker bond to be posted in order for a broker to qualify for a license.
  • Additionally, states require the surety posting the bond to be licensed in that specific state.

2) Once you understand the requirements, then you will need to complete an application for a mortgage broker bond. Below, click "Apply Now" that corresponds to the state in which you operate.

3) Once your application has been approved, you must submit it, along with your bond, to your state government office.

Should you have any questions, please call our surety bond professionals today at:

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Alabama $25,000 Apply Now
Alaska $75,000 Apply Now
Arizona $10,000 Apply Now
Arkansas $50,000 Apply Now
California $50,000 Apply Now
Colorado $25,000 Apply Now
Connecticut $50,000 Apply Now
Delaware $25,000 Apply Now
District Of Columbia $12,500 Apply Now
Georgia $50,000 Apply Now
Hawaii $15,000 Apply Now
Illinois $20,000 Apply Now
Indiana $50,000 Apply Now
Iowa $100,000 Apply Now
Kansas $50,000 Apply Now
Kentucky $50,000 Apply Now
Louisiana $25,000 Apply Now
Maine $25,000 Apply Now
Maryland $50,000 Apply Now
Massachusetts $75,000 Apply Now
Michigan $25,000 Apply Now
Minnesota $100,000 Apply Now
Mississippi $25,000 Apply Now
Missouri* $50,000 Apply Now
Montana $25,000 Apply Now
Nebraska $100,000 Apply Now
Nevada* $50,000 Apply Now
New Hampshire $50,000 Apply Now
New Jersey $150,000 Apply Now
New York $10,000 Apply Now
New Mexico $50,000 Apply Now
North Carolina $75,000 Apply Now
North Dakota $25,000 Apply Now
Ohio $50,000 Apply Now
Oklahoma $10,000 Apply Now
Oregon $50,000 Apply Now
Pennsylvania $50,000 Apply Now
Rhode Island $50,000 Apply Now
South Carolina $25,000 Apply Now
South Dakota $25,000 Apply Now
Tennessee $90,000 Apply Now
Texas $50,000 Apply Now
Utah $25,000 Apply Now
Vermont $25,000 Apply Now
Virginia $25,000 Apply Now
Washington $20,000 Apply Now
West Virginia $50,000 Apply Now
Wisconsin* $120,000 Apply Now
Wyoming $25,000 Apply Now
Additional amounts available in some states.
**All bonds are written for two-year terms except Wisconsin, Nevada, Missouri which are written for a one-year term.