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SuretyGroup.com has developed surety bond programs tailored to meet your specialized contract requirements. We utilize various sureties so that we can find the best fit for your contract needs and get your bond approved as fast as possible.

All Types of Contract Bonds

Contracts are generally done through a solicitation bid letting procedure where companies and individuals can bid on services or goods. The process could include completion of a bid bond form, application to a vendor system, and other requirements.

Contract Bonds are often required by the federal government, local municipalities, counties, universities or private entities. The process generally begins with a bidding process and if awarded the contract, a contract bond or payment and/or performance bond (such as for a Federal Design-Build Homeland Security Contract) may be required.

There are several categories that fall under the umbrella of contract bonds which include:

Supply Bond - Guarantees that the company will supply the goods and materials with a specific timeline as outlined in the contract.
Bid Bond - The surety prequalifies the contractor bidding on the project. The bond confirms that if the contractor is the low bidder, the surety will issue the performance and payment bonds.
Performance Bond - Guarantees the contractor will perform the duties written in the contract, including finishing the project on time, staying within budget and other terms within the contract.
Proposal Guarantee Bond - Is another definition/term for Bid Bond and includes the same aspects.
Payment Bond - Guarantees that laborers, subcontractors, and suppliers are paid.
Payment and Performance Bond - Guarantees that a contractor will pay all suppliers and subcontracts for labor and materials and faithfully perform all duties set forth in a contract.
Maintenance Bond - Guarantees materials and workmanship for a certain period of time after a project is completed.

We offer bond programs for any contractor who needs construction bonds. And we do much more than just underwrite your Construction Bond. We advise you at each step in the process and work with you to increase your bonding capacity. In fact, the financial review we do with you will enable you to develop a framework for growing your business for years to come. To get started, download our Bond Kit. It contains all the information you need to apply for a contract bond.

The SBA Surety Bond Guarantee Program

SuretyGroup.com has been working with contractors who want to apply for construction bonds through the SBA Surety Bond Guarantee Program for over 35 years. We know the ins and outs of the program and can guide you through the application process. Learn more about the SBA program.

Types of Contract Bonds:

Airport Buildings Contract Bond
Apartment Building Contract Bond and Multi-Family Housing Contract Bond
Commercial Building Contract Bond
Educational Building Contract Bond
Hospital Building Contract Bond and Clinic Building Contract Bond
Industrial Building Contract and Plant Building Contract Bond
Office Building Contract Bond
All Other Building Contract Bond
Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation Contract Bond
Building Rehabilitation Contract Bond
Carpentry Contract Bond including Framing Contract Bond and Finish Contract Bond
Concrete Contract Bond, Gunite Contract Bond, and Swimming Pool Contract Bond
Drywall Contract Bond and Plastering Contract Bond
Electrical Contract Bond
Landscaping Contract Bond- Including Golf Course Construction Contract Bond
Masonry Contract Bond, Stone Contract Bond –Cut Contract Bond or Dressed Contract Bond, Tile Contract Bond and Terrazzo Contract Bond
Painting Contract Bond and Sandblasting Contract Bond
Plumbing Contract Bond
Underground Water Contract Bond and Heavy Engineering Contract Bond
Ditching Contract Bond, Drainage Contract Bond, Irrigation Contract Bond, Canal Contract Bond, Levee Contract Bond, Dikes Contract Bond, Revetment Contract Bond, Dam Contract Bond and Lock Contract Bond, Dry Dock Contract Bond, Dock Contract Bond and Wharf Contract Bond, Aqueduct Contract Bond, Breakwater Contract Bond, Seawall Contract Bond, Pier Contract Bond, Embankment Contract Bond, Jetty Contract Bond, Spillway Contract Bond
Foundation Contract Bond, Excavation Contract Bond, Piling Contract Bond, Test Boring Contract Bond, Drilling Contract Bond, Well Contract Bond, Offshore Platform Contract Bond
Pipelines for Water Contract Bond, Pipelines for Gas Contract Bond, Pipelines for Filtering Plant Contract Bond, Pipeline for Waterworks Contract Bond, Pipeline for Fountain Contract Bond, Pipeline for Sewage Contract Bond and Pipeline for Water Treatment Plant Contract Bond, Pipeline for Underwater Cable Contract Bond
Sanitary Sewer Contract Bond, Storm Sewer Contract Bond, Septic Tank Contract Bond
Tunnel Contract Bond and Subway Contract Bond, Railroad Bed Contract Bond, Rail Transit System Contract Bond
Water Disposal System Contract Bond or Water Disposal Facility Contract Bond
Asbestos Remediation Contract Bond, Asbestos Removal Contract Bond or Asbestos Encapsulation Contract Bond
Trash Disposal Plant Contract Bond, Trash Disposal Incinerator Contract Bond, Trash Disposal Precipitator Contract Bond, Trash Disposal Scrubber Contract Bond, and Other Trash Disposal System Contract Bond or Trash Disposal Facility Contract Bond, Disposal of Hazardous Waste Contract Bond or Disposal of Non-Hazardous Waste Contract Bond
Power Transmission Lines Construction Contract Bond, Telephone Lines Construction Contract Bond, Fiber Optics Contract Bond
Bridge Construction Contract Bond, Bridge Completion Contract Bond
Curbing Contract Bond, Guttering Contract Bond, Parking Area Contract Bond, Athletic Field Contract Bond, Playground Contract Bond, Park Contract Bond, Planting Contract Bond, Cultivation of Land Contract Bond, Road Medians Contract Bond, Tennis Court Contract Bond, River Banks Protection Contract Bond
Highways Contract Bond, Airport Runway Contract Bond, New Highway Construction Contract Bond, Reconstruction of Highways Contract Bond, New Airport Runway Contract Bond, Reconstruction of Runway Contract Bond
Machinery Made to Order Contract Bond
Roofing Contract Bond
Aluminum Siding Contract Bond, Vinyl Siding Contract Bond, Glazing Contract Bond, Non-Structural Curtain Wall Contract Bond
Arms Contract Bond, Ash Conveyor Contract Bond, Automatic Stoker Contract Bond, Boiler Re-tubing Contract Bond, Boiler Repair Contract Bond, Coal Handling Machinery Contract Bond, Conveyor Contract Bond, Dynamos Contract Bond, Generator Contract Bond, Mail Handling Machinery Contract Bond, Organ Repair Contract Bond, Parking Meter Contract Bond, Radio Control Tower Contract Bond, Recapping Tires Contract Bond, Rolling Stock Contract Bond, Signal Systems on Railroads Contract Bond, Toll Gate Contract Bond, Traffic Control Systems on Highway Contract Bond
Automotive Service Contract Bond, Automatic Stoker Contract Bond, Cataloging Contract Bond, Exterminating Contract Bond, Furnishing Food Service Contract Bond, Incinerator Operation Contract Bond, Mosquito Control Contract Bond, Office Personnel Contract Bond, Photogrammetric Work Contract Bond, Processing Service Contract Bond, Weed Mowing Contract Bond, Window Cleaning Contract Bond, Work and Labor Contract Bond
Bridge Furnishing Contract Bond, Bridge Erection Contract Bond, Bridge Superstructure Contract Bond
Computer and Data Processing Equipment Contract Bond, Data Processing and Computer Work Contract Bond, Software Contract Bond, Telephone Exchange System Contract Bond
Fire and Alarm Systems Contract Bond, Fire Escapes Contract Bond, Floor Insulation Contract Bond, Iron and Steel Contract Bond, Kitchen System Contract Bond, Lightning Rod Contract Bond, Metal Windows and Shutters Contract Bond, Police Alarm Systems Contract Bond, Public Address and Music Systems Contract Bond, Scaffolding Contract Bond, Sidewalks Contract Bond, Stand Pipes Contract Bond, Thermostat Equipment Contract Bond, Water Tower Contract Bond, Weather Stripping Contract Bond
Highway Surfacing Contract Bond, Highway Resurfacing Contract Bond, Highway Repairs Contract Bond, Airport Runway Surfacing Contract Bond, Airport Runway Resurfacing Contract Bond, Airport Runway Repairs Contract Bond, Highway Guardrail Contract Bond, Highway Striping Contract Bond
Street Lighting Contract Bond, Subway Lighting Bond Highway Materials and Supply Contract Bond Road Maintenance Contract Bond, Highway Maintenance Contract Bond, Street Maintenance Contract Bond Shoring Up Contract Bond
Supply Maintenance Contract Bond
Advance Payment Contract Bond
Aircraft Construction Contract Bond
Dredging River Contract Bond, Dredging Harbor Contract Bond, Great Lakes Dredging Contract Bond, Dredging Inland Contract Bond
Moving and Hauling Contract Bond
Military Traffic Management Contract Bond, Military Terminal Services Contract Bond
Removal of Garbage, Snow or Ashes Contract Bond
Timber Cutting Contract Bond, Timber Cutting Performance Contract Bond for Sale and Cutting, Timber Cutting Payment Contract Bond for Sale and Cutting, Timber Cutting for Hire Contract Bond
Towing Contract Bond, Wrecking Contract Bond, Dismantling Contract Bond, Demolition Contract Bond
Completion Contract Bond

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