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Florida Limited Prescription RX Drug Veterinary Wholesale Distributor Bond

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The State of Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation, Division of Drugs, Devices and Cosmetics, regulates the human-use of the same drugs by Limited Prescription Drug Veterinary Wholesale Distributors. This includes a limitation of the percentage of pet medication annual prescription drugs for human-use, jurisdiction of human-use distribution and authorized purchasers of said veterinary and human-use drugs. Intracompany transactions are exempt from the permit requirement. FL Statutes Chapter 499.001 provides the details for the licensing, permit and surety bond information.

Surety Bond and Permit Requirements:

  1. Complete the license/permit application and payment of license fee.
  2. A $20,000 surety bond is required or an irrevocable letter of credit or deposit in a trust account.
  3. Maintain a resident state permit at all times to engage in the wholesale distribution of prescription drugs.
  4. Be able to pass an on-site or otherwise inspection of the business establishment.
  5. Licenses or permits are valid for a two year term.

How Much Will This FL Bond Cost?

The premium that you pay for a Florida Limited Prescription Drug Veterinary Wholesale Distributor Surety Bond is dependent on credit. Rates start as low as $200 with good credit.

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