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Who Requires a Surety Bond?

Many Colorado state departments and agencies have a bond requirement for the issuing of licenses and permits. The Colorado Division of Real Estate, Department of Regulatory Agencies, Division of Registrations, Department of Revenue, Enforcement Division, the Excise Tax Division and Division of Motor Vehicles, the State Attorney General's Office, the Colorado Lottery, Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, the Division of Parks and Wildlife, Department of Transportation and others, have bond or other financial responsibility requirements that must be met. In addition to the state, many county courts, municipalities, and private entities may have a bond requirement for purposes such as estates, contracts, right-of-way and more.

How Much Will A Colorado Surety Bond Cost?

Bond amounts in Colorado vary by the type of bond needed and the bond amount required. The premium or cost that you pay can depend on many factors including bond type, your credit history, length of time in business and may require personal or business financial statements.

There are many bonds that are required by the state of Colorado for registration, license and permit, court, contract and tax purposes.

Common Colorado Surety Bonds
Colorado Contract BondApply Online
Colorado Fantasy Contest Operator Bond Apply Online
Colorado Lost Instrument BondApply Online
Colorado Lottery Retailer BondApply Online
Colorado Mortgage Company -- Includes: Colorado Mortgage Company with Less Than 20 Licensed Employees, Colorado Mortgage Company with More Than 20 Licensed EmployeesApply Online
Colorado Mortgage Loan Originator License BondApply Online
Colorado Repossessor BondApply Online
Colorado Vehicle Dealer Bond -- Includes: Colorado Licensed Buyers Agent Bond, Colorado Bond of Franchised Powersport Vehicle Dealer, Colorado Bond of Franchise Dealer, Colorado Bond of Used Dealer, Colorado Bond of Used Powersport Vehicle Dealer, Colorado Bond of Wholesaler, Colorado Bond of Wholesale Auction Dealer, Colorado Bond of Wholesale Powersport Vehicle Dealer, Colorado Bond of Small Trailer DealerApply Online
Colorado Money Transmitter License BondApply Online
More Colorado Surety Bonds
Colorado Appraisal Management Company Registration BondApply Online
Colorado Audiology and Hearing Aid Provider License BondApply Online
Colorado CDl Third Party Testing Compliance Performance Bond Apply Online
Colorado Cigarette License Surety Bond --Includes Colorado Cigarette Distributor Bond Apply Online
Colorado Collection Agency License Bond -- Includes: Colorado Bid Bond, Colorado Payment and Performance BondApply Online
Colorado Contractor Bond (City and County) -- Includes: Colorado General Contractor Bond, Colorado Building Contractor Bond, Colorado Concrete Contractor Bond, Colorado Specialty Contractor, Colorado Demolition Contractor Bond, Colorado Sewer Contractor BondApply Online
Colorado Court Bond--includes: Administrator Bond, Executor Bond, Guardian Bond, Conservator Bond, Appeal Bond, Injunction BondApply Online
Colorado Dealer or Commodity Handler Surety Bond -- Includes: Colorado Producer Bond, Colorado Dealer BondApply Online
Colorado Debt Management Services Provider Registration Surety BondApply Online
Colorado Fuel Distributor Tax BondApply Online
Colorado Lost Title Surety Bond -- Includes: Colorado Salvage Title Surety BondApply Online
Colorado Manufactured Home Down Payment Bond -- also called Colorado Manufactured Housing Down Payment BondApply Online
Colorado Mileage and Fuel Tax BondApply Online
Colorado Oil and Gas Permit Bond -- includes: Colorado Surface Bond, Colorado Plugging Bond, Colorado Inactive Wells Bond, Colorado Seismic Operations Bond, Colorado Centralized Exploration and Production Waste Management Facilities Bond, Colorado Natural Gas Gathering Individual or Blanket Bond, Colorado Natural Gas Processing Individual or Blanket Bond, Colorado Underground Natural Gas Storage Facilities Individual or Blanket Bond, Colorado Surface Facilities & Structures Associated With Class II Commercial Underground Injection Control Wells BondApply Online
Colorado Bond of Out of State Private Occupational School Agent --Includes: Colorado Bond of Private Occupational SchoolsApply Online
Colorado Parks and Wildlife License Agent BondApply Online
Colorado Surety Bond for Private Investigator License Apply Online
Colorado Boxing Promoter Bond --Includes: Colorado Kickboxing Promoter BondApply Online
Colorado Public Adjuster License BondApply Online
Colorado Public Administrator BondApply Online
Colorado Registered Outfitter BondApply Online
Colorado Road Cut Permit Bond (City and County) -- Includes: Colorado Right of Way Permit BondApply Online
Colorado Solid Waste Financial Guarantee Bond --Includes: Colorado Solid Waste Performance BondApply Online
Colorado Supervised Lender Surety BondApply Online
Colorado Viatical Settlement Provider Bond: Also known as a Life Settlement Provider BondApply Online
Colorado Water Well Contractor Bond -- includes: Colorado Pump Installation Contractor BondApply Online

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