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Our Surety Bond Specialists in most cases can get you bonded quickly and easily. We offer low rates, dependable service and can write bonds for almost any bond type. If you do not see the bond you need listed below, please contact us to find out about the bond you are looking for. Or call for a free, no-obligation quote.

Who Requires a Surety Bond?

Many Massachusetts state departments and agencies require a surety bond from those applying for a permit or license. The agencies include: Commonwealth of Massachusetts - Attorney General, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Department of Industrial Accidents, Department of Revenue, Division of Banks, Division of Professional Licensure, Registry of Motor Vehicles, and State of Massachusetts Securities Division.

In addition to the state, many municipalities, courts and private entities may have a bond requirement for purposes such as administering an estate, bidding on contracts, or replacing a lost document.

How Much Will This Bond Cost?

Bond amounts in Massachusetts vary by the type of bond needed and the bond amount required. The premium or cost that you pay can depend on many factors including your credit history, length of time in business and may require personal or business financial statements.

There are many bonds that are required by the state of Massachusetts for registration, license and permit, contract, court and tax purposes. These include the following:

Common Massachusetts Surety Bonds
Massachusetts Contract BondApply Online
Massachusetts Investment Adviser Registration BondApply Online
Massachusetts Mortgage Broker License Bond-- Includes: Massachusetts Mortgage Lender License BondApply Online
Massachusetts New and Used Motor Vehicle Dealer License BondApply Online
Common Massachusetts Surety Bonds
Massachusetts Court Bond- Massachusetts Administrator Bond, Massachusetts Guardianship Bond, Massachusetts Conservator Bond, Massachusetts Executor BondApply Online
Massachusetts Alcohol -Liquor Excise Tax Surety Bond -- Includes: Massachusetts Pub Brewery Excise Tax Surety Bond, Massachusetts Manufacture Alcoholic Beverages Excise Tax Surety Bond, Massachusetts Sell Alcoholic Beverages Excise Tax Surety Bond, Massachusetts Farmer Winery Excise Tax Bond, Massachusetts Farmer Brewery Excise Tax Surety BondApply Online
Massachusetts Auctioneer License BondApply Online
Massachusetts Blanket Bond for Private Occupational School Sales RepresentativesApply Online
Massachusetts Check Seller License Bond Apply Online
Massachusetts Cosmetology School Registration BondApply Online
Massachusetts Contract BondApply Online
Massachusetts Debt Collector License BondApply Online
Massachusetts Driving School BondApply Online
Massachusetts Electronic Vehicle Registration Program Permit BondApply Online
Massachusetts Employment Agency BondApply Online
Massachusetts Excise Tax Bond--includes: Massachusetts Aircraft (Jet) Fuel Excise Tax Bond, Massachusetts Cigarette Excise Tax BondApply Online
Massachusetts Foreign Transmittal Agency License BondApply Online
Massachusetts Out-of-State Contractor Guarantee BondApply Online
Massachusetts Private Investigator License Bond -- Includes: Massachusetts Watch Guard License BondApply Online
Massachusetts Professional Solicitor Bond--Includes: Massachusetts Commercial Co-Venturers BondApply Online
Massachusetts Public Warehouse BondApply Online
Massachusetts Real Estate Broker License BondApply Online
Massachusetts Registered Motor Vehicle Repair Shop BondApply Online
Massachusetts Theatrical Booking Agent License Bond -- Includes: Massachusetts Personal Agent License Bond, Massachusetts Managers License BondApply Online
Massachusetts Transient Vendor License BondApply Online
Massachusetts Underground Storage Tank BondApply Online