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Who Requires a Surety Bond?

Many Connecticut state departments and agencies require a surety bond from those applying for a permit or license. The agencies include: Banking Commissioner, Department of Consumer Protection, Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Department of Insurance, Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Revenue, Department of Transportation, General Assembly, Lottery Corporation, and Office of the State Comptroller.

In addition to the state, many municipalities, courts and private entities may have a bond requirement for purposes such as administering an estate, bidding on contracts, or replacing a lost document.

How Much Will This Bond Cost?

The premium, or cost that you pay for a Connecticut bond, can depend on many factors including bond amount, bond type, your credit history, and length of time in business. Your personal or business financial statements could also factor into your premium cost.

There are many bonds that are required by the state of Connecticut for registration, license and permit, court, contract and tax purposes.

Common Connecticut Surety Bonds
Connecticut Contract Bond -- Includes: Connecticut Bid Bond, Connecticut Payment and Performance BondApply Online
Connecticut Lost Instrument BondApply Online
Connecticut Mortgage Lender License Bond -- Includes: Connecticut Mortgage Broker License Bond, Connecticut Mortgage Correspondent Lender License Bond, Connecticut Mortgage Servicer License BondApply Online
Connecticut Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond -- Includes: Connecticut Motor Vehicle Dealer Repairer Bond, Connecticut Motor Vehicle Limited Repairer Bond, Connecticut Motor Vehicle Leasing Company Bond, Connecticut Motor Vehicle Renting Company Bond, Connecticut Motor Vehicle Dealer BondApply Online
Connecticut Private Detective License BondApply Online
More Surety Bonds for Connecticut
Connecticut Court Bond, Administrator Bond, Connecticut Executor Bond, Connecticut Guardianship Bond or Connecticut Conservator BondApply Online
Connecticut Alcohol Tax Bond OR-131 -- Includes: Connecticut Direct Shipment of Wine Bond, Connecticut Wholesaler Bond, Connecticut Manufacturer Bond, Connecticut Farm Winery Bond, Connecticut Out-of-State Shipper Bond, Connecticut Out-of-State Winery Shipper Bond, Connecticut Brewpub Bond, Connecticut Microbrewer BondApply Online
Connecticut Cigarette Tax Bond -- Includes: Connecticut Over-the-Counter Retailer Bond, Connecticut Tobacco Products Bond, Connecticut Vending Machine Dealer Bond, Connecticut Cigarette Distributor Bond, Connecticut Cigarette Wholesaler Bond, Connecticut Cigarette Chain Store Distributor Bond, Connecticut Cigarette Vending Machine Operator Bond, Connecticut Cigarette Importer Bond, Connecticut Cigarette Storage Facility Operator Bond, Connecticut Cigarette Manufacturer Bond, Connecticut Tobacco Products Manufacturer Bond, Connecticut Tobacco Products Distributor BondApply Online
Connecticut Check Casher License BondApply Online
Connecticut Consumer Collection Agency License Bond Apply Online
Connecticut Contractor Bond (City and County) -- Includes: Connecticut Concrete Contractor Bond, Connecticut Sidewalk Contractor Bond, Connecticut Driveway Contractor Bond, Connecticut Excavation Contractor Bond, Connecticut Sewer Contractor Bond Apply Online
Connecticut Debt Negotiation License BondApply Online
Connecticut Bond For Driving Schools Apply Online
Connecticut Engineering and Highway Operations Permit Bond Apply Online
Connecticut Fund Raising Counsel Registration Bond -- Includes: Connecticut Paid Solicitor Bond Apply Online
Connecticut Lottery Retailer Surety Bond Apply Online
Connecticut Money Transmission License BondApply Online
Connecticut Money Lender License Bond-- Also known as Connecticut Small Loan Company LicenseApply Online
Connecticut Motor Vehicle Fuels Tax Bond -- Includes: Connecticut Motor Vehicle Fuels Distributor Bond, Connecticut Special Fuel Distributor Bond, Connecticut Motor Vehicle Fuels Distributor Bond, Connecticut Tax-Paid Motor Vehicle Fuels Distributor Bond, Connecticut Heating Fuels Distributor Bond, Connecticut Petroleum Products BondApply Online
Connecticut Non-Resident Prime Contractor Bond -- Includes: Connecticut Non-Resident General Contractor Bond Apply Online
Connecticut Pawnbroker License Bond--Also known as Connecticut Second Hand Store Bond, Connecticut Pawn Shop BondApply Online
Connecticut Private Detective License Bond -- Includes: Connecticut Security Service BondApply Online
Connecticut Retail Seller License Bond -- Includes: Connecticut Sales Finance Company BondApply Online
Connecticut Right of Way Permit Bond (City and County) -- Includes: Connecticut Street Excavation Permit Bond, Connecticut Drain Layer Permit Bond, Connecticut Street Opening Permit BondApply Online
Connecticut Secondhand Dealer BondApply Online
Connecticut Tax BondApply Online

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