California Milk Handlers Licensing

Milk is being bottled at at dairy business. writes surety bonds for the dairy industry.

State’s Top Ag Product is Big Business

Although Wisconsin is known as “The Dairy State,” California surpassed Wisconsin in dairy production by 1994.   Dairy is California’s top agricultural product, with over 1300 dairy farms in production. The state is also a top producer in ice cream, milk, butter, yogurt and other dairy products. Wisconsin still holds the title as the country’s biggest cheese producer.

Other top dairy producing states include New York, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Florida, Minnesota, Ohio and Vermont.

Milk handlers are essential to the dairy business. They are described as “every person who purchases, handles, or receives bulk unprocessed or pasteurized manufacturing or market milk for the purpose of manufacture, processing, sale, or other handling.” They transport milk from the dairy farm to the processor, weigh and sample the milk, and form the relationship between the farmer and the buyers or marketers.

In order to guarantee that dairy farmers and dairies get paid for the milk and cream a handler purchases, California’s Department of Food and Agriculture requires milk handlers to obtain a surety bond before they can be licensed. The bond amounts are based on personal credit, financial statements, and the amount of milk purchased.

Other states that require milk handlers to be bonded include Vermont, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware and Ohio. can help milk handlers stay compliant with their state’s laws. We offer free, no-obligation quotes, low rates and fast service. You can apply online at, or call our Surety Bond Specialists at 844-432-6637. – Your Online Bond Provider.

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