Surety Bonds for Travel Agents

A travel agent is on the phone with a client. writes surety bonds for the travel industry.

Protecting A Trillion-Dollar Industry

Remember planning vacations before the internet was around? You relied on word of mouth instead of website reviews. You used a map instead of a GPS. You looked for billboards to see what restaurants were nearby instead of asking your smart phone. And you used travel agents instead of booking online.

In the old days of travel, your travel agent did everything for you. She did all the research, booked your flights and hotels, gave you road maps and guide books, and printed out your tickets. All you had to do was stop by her office, hand her a check and pick everything up. And if there were issues during the trip, you just gave her a call and she was there to help out.

The internet changed everything. Once online reservations became available, travelers could make their own bookings, download their own maps and print their own tickets. Travel agents weren’t as necessary.

Back In Demand

These days, there is so much information out there that it can be extremely overwhelming and time-consuming to dig for good bargains on your own, and travelers are rediscovering the convenience of using a travel agent.

Travel agents have the connections to find those sweet deals that most people aren’t aware of. Also, agents can alert their clients to trip highlights that they might otherwise miss out on.  That personal touch can make or break a trip.

Travel Agent Surety Bonds

In 2014, $7.6 trillion was spent worldwide on travel. Travel agents are trusted with a lot of money and personal details on their customers, and this information needs to be protected. Besides being licensed, some states require travel agents to have a Travel Agent Bond, or Seller of Travel Bond. This Surety Bond guarantees that money travel agents collect from their clients will be distributed to the proper entities. It also protects their clients from fraud, financial failure or breach of contract by an agent.

California, Florida, Iowa, Washington, Illinois and Virginia are among the states that require a Seller of Travel Bond. The costs and requirements vary by state. A travel agent that is bonded means she can be trusted to work ethically for her clients.

What A Seller Of Travel Bond Is NOT

A Seller of Travel Bond does not protect a client from errors made in bookings. Also, they are not the same as ARC Bonds, which are required by the Airline Reporting Commission. ARC bonds only cover airline and train ticketing, while Seller of Travel Bonds cover all types of bookings.  Many travel agents carry both bonds.

How To Get A Seller Of Travel Surety Bond

If you are a travel agent and your state requires a Surety Bond, you must purchase it from a Surety through a licensed agent, such as‘s Surety Bond Specialists can often give you same-day approval that makes the process quick and easy.

Have questions? can help. Give us a call at 1-844-432-6637 and our Surety Bond Specialists can walk you through the bonding process. – Your Online Bond Provider.

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    Thanks for explaining what a surety bond is. My uncle was a victim of fraud and lost a lot of money because of it. It’s nice that a surety bond will prevent fraud like you said.

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