Nursing Registry Requires a Bond in California

A nurse attends to a patient.
California nurses on the nursing registry need to obtain a surety bond.

Self-employed Nurses Must Also Meet Bond Requirement

California nurses are not limited to working in or with a doctor’s office, hospital or other health facility.  They also have the choice to offer independent services or work through a nurse’s registry.  These options come with conditions and requirements though which includes obtaining a surety bond or making a deposit in some monetary form with the state.

Nurses who provide services to in-home patients through a nurse’s registry must have a current surety bond or a certificate of deposit in the amount of $3,000 filed with the Secretary of State.  The surety bond or certificate of deposit guarantees payment to individuals or groups of individuals employed or contracted through the nursing registry service. If a bond or certificate of deposit is not in place, state laws prohibit them from providing any services.

A nurse’s registry works closely with local hospitals, home health agencies, surgery centers, skilled nursing facilities, psychiatric facilities, hospice organizations and provides services to in-home private care as well.  The skill level of nurses that are self-employed or employed by a nurse registry are RN’s and LVN’s that have a variety of work related experience and expertise. Services provided include pediatric care, dialysis, geriatric patients and any other patient related care. Additionally, in order to insure safe patient care, the state requires nurses whom are participating in these services to have a licensed supervising doctor or surgeon to direct the services that are to be provided.

Nurses that are self-employed or working for a nursing registry service are required to have a maximum fee schedule and payment terms, contracts for care and/or employment, maintain employment and contract files, payment logs, time sheets, assignment logs, proof of licensure, and provide truthful advertising. can help you get the nursing registry bond that you need to meet the state requirements. – Your Online Bond Provider.

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