What to Do With Tons of Tires?

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Waste Tire Haulers Help the Environment

Drivers in the US throw out nearly 290 million tires every year. That’s enough tires for 72.5 million cars. Every year.

Tires cause many environmental problems. They are a popular breeding ground for mosquitos, they quickly take up landfill space, and they are fire hazards which produce smoke that is harmful to the environment.

Tire Recycling is Critical

Today about 80% of tires get recycled, and more uses for old tires are being developed. Tires are now used for products for road construction, playground surfaces, shoe products, dock bumpers, furniture, sports surfaces, and of course, the classic tire swing.

California Takes Action

California is taking steps to reduce its growing used tire problem. In 1989 the California Recycling Tire Act was enacted which established a fund that supports tire recycling efforts and the production of recycled tire products.

State law requires compliance with the Waste Tire Manifest Program. Those who haul ten or more waste tires must register as a Waste Tire Hauler.

Waste Tire Haulers may only take tires to authorized facilities and keep a “Comprehensive Trip Log.” Those who receive tires from unregistered haulers must report them to CalRecycle.

Registration for a Waste Tire Hauler includes:

    • Complete the registration application.  Annual registration is valid through Dec. 31 and applicants must register before hauling.
    • Complete CalRecycle Form 60
    • Obtain a $10,000 surety bond (CIWMB Form 61). The bond runs concurrently with the waste tire hauler registration.

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