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Who Requires a Surety Bond?

Many Michigan state departments and agencies require a surety bond from those applying for a permit or license. These agencies include: Department of the Attorney General, Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth, Department of Environmental Quality, Waste Management and Radiological Protection Division, Department of Human Services, Department of Insurance and Financial Services, Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA), Department of Natural Resources, Department of State, Department of Treasury, Probate Court, and Secretary of State.

In addition to the state, many municipalities, courts and private entities may have a bond requirement for purposes such as administering an estate, bidding on contracts, or replacing a lost document.

There are many bonds that are required by the state of Michigan for registration, license and permit, contract, court and tax purposes.

Common Michigan Surety Bonds
Michigan Non-Retail Alcohol Bond-- Includes: Michigan Non-Retail License Bond, Michigan OutState Seller of Beer Bond, Michigan OutState Seller of Wine Bond, Michigan OutSeller of Mixed Spirit Drinks Bond, Michigan Brewer Bond, Michigan Micro Brewer Bond, Michigan Wine Maker Bond, Michigan Small Wine Maker Bond, Michigan Manufacturer of Mixed Spirit Drinks BondApply Online
Michigan Contract BondApply Online
Michigan Lost Instrument BondApply Online
Michigan Manufactured Home BondApply Online
Michigan Residential Mortgage Broker Bond -- Includes: Michigan 1st or 2nd Mortgage Servicer Bond, Michigan 1st or 2nd Mortgage Broker License Bond, Michigan Mortgage Loan Originator Bond –Individual or SponsoringApply Online
Michigan Underground Storage Tank BondApply Online
Michigan Vehicle Dealer Bond -- Includes: Michigan New Vehicle Dealer Bond, Michigan Used Vehicle Dealer Bond, Michigan Vehicle Broker BondApply Online
More Michigan Surety Bonds
Michigan Alarm Contractor BondApply Online
Michigan Court Bond- Michigan Administrator Bond, Michigan Executor Bond, Michigan Conservator Bond, Michigan Guardianship Bond- CourtApply Online
Michigan Authorization to Operate an Amusement Ride Bond -- Includes: Michigan Prepayment of Annual Inspection Fees BondApply Online
Michigan Collection Agency BondApply Online
Michigan Consumer Financial Services Class I License Bond--Includes: Michigan Consumer Financial Services Class II License BondApply Online
Michigan Cosmetology School License BondApply Online
Michigan Deferred Presentment Service Provider Bond -- Includes: Michigan Small Loan Provider BondApply Online
Michigan Driver Education Provider BondApply Online
Michigan Driving Records Information Purchaser Bond -- Includes: Michigan Vehicle Records Information Purchaser Surety BondApply Online
Michigan Grain Dealer Facility Bond -- Includes: Michigan Grain Merchandiser Bond, Michigan Farm Produce Trucker’s BondApply Online
Michigan Hazardous Waste Collection Site BondApply Online
Michigan Information Purchaser's Uniform Surety BondApply Online
Michigan Livestock Dealer Bond -- Includes: Michigan Livestock Auction License (Class I) Bond, Michigan Buying Station (Class II) License BondApply Online
Michigan Marina Lease/Use Agreement Surety BondApply Online
Michigan Milk Producer Bond -- Includes: Michigan Milk Dealer BondApply Online
Michigan Mineral Well Conformance BondApply Online
Michigan Surety Bond for a Mitigation SiteApply Online
Michigan Uniform Mobile Home Dealer BondApply Online
Michigan Money Transmission Services Provider BondApply Online
Michigan Motor Carrier Tax BondApply Online
Michigan Motor Fuel Tax Bond -- Includes: Michigan Licensee of Motor Fuel Bond, Michigan Liquid Petroleum Gas Dealer Bond, Michigan Motor Fuel Eligible Purchaser Bond, Michigan International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) BondApply Online
Michigan Notary BondApply Online
Michigan Oil and Gas Permit Bond -- Includes: Michigan Conformance Bond, Michigan Single Well Bond, Michigan Blanket Wells BondApply Online
Michigan Surety Bond for Patient Trust Funds Held By A Nursing HomeApply Online
Michigan Perpetual Care Fund Bond for LandfillApply Online
Michigan Personnel Agency BondApply Online
Postsecondary School BondApply Online
Michigan Private Security Guard License BondApply Online
Michigan Professional Employer Organization License BondApply Online
Michigan Professional Investigator License BondApply Online
Michigan Promoters License Bond -- Includes: Michigan Unarmed Combat BondApply Online
Michigan Public Auction BondApply Online
Michigan Right-of-Way Construction Permit BondApply Online
Michigan Surety Bond for Sand Dune ProtectionApply Online
Michigan Scrap Tire Collection Site Registration BondApply Online
Michigan Scrap Tire Hauler Registration BondApply Online
Michigan Special License for Consumption on Premises BondApply Online
Michigan Third-Party Testing Organization BondApply Online
Michigan Tobacco Products License Tax Bond -- Includes: Michigan Wholesaler Tobacco Products Bond, Michigan Unclassified Acquirer of Tobacco Products BondApply Online
Michigan Uniform Professional Fund Raiser BondApply Online
Michigan Uniform Vehicle Surety Bond -- Also known as Michigan Lost Title, Michigan Uniform Surety Bond for Manufactured HomeApply Online
Michigan Water Well Operations Bond -- Includes: Michigan Individual Well Test Permit Bond, Michigan Blanket Test Well Permit Bond, Michigan Disposal Well Bond, Michigan Storage Well Bond, Michigan Brine Well Bond, Michigan Disposal Test Well Bond, Michigan Storage Test Well Bond, Michigan Brine Test Well Bond, Michigan Individual Test Well BondApply Online
Michigan Wholesale Potato Dealer BondApply Online

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