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City of Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Cultivation, Production and Independent Testing Laboratory Surety Bonds

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The City of Las Vegas requires medical cannabis and marijuana cultivators, producers, and independent testing laboratories to apply for a license and obtain a surety bond. The City of Las Vegas Department of Planning, Business License Division regulates the medical cannabis/marijuana service providers operating a business within the city and ensures compliance of the municipal code and the issuing of business licenses.

State laws and municipal regulations address issues such as where the cannabis can be grown, methods of cultivation, production, and the dispensing of the product.

Obligee and Bond Conditions:

The Obligee is the entity that requires a surety bond for those having a business in the cannabis industry in the City of Las Vegas. The bond ensures compliance of the city municipal code for the proper licensing of medicinal cannabis businesses. Failure to comply or perform in the manor prescribed by the Obligee may result in a claim filed against the surety bond. When the Obligee files a claim against the surety bond, the applicant (named as the principal on the bond form) will be responsible for repayment of the claimed amount if the surety has to pay the claim. This may be a portion of the bond amount or the entire bond amount.

Surety Bond Requirements:

The City of Las Vegas requires a $250,000 surety bond for the cultivation of medical marijuana, the production of medical marijuana or for the dispensing of medical marijuana.

License Requirements:

The applicant must first apply for a license with the State of Nevada Department of Taxation. The early start program allows for existing medical marijuana establishments to apply for a retail marijuana license. The regular program beginning in the fall of 2018 will begin taking applications for recreational marijuana licensing. A registration certificate will be issued by the state upon approval.

Apply for the Nevada Business Registration through the Nevada Department of Taxation. A Registration Certificate will be issued for the completed enrollment process.

Applicants with businesses in the City of Las Vegas will need to apply for a business license. The business must comply with all local land use and code requirements.

Obtain a $250,000 surety bond to submit along with the application.

Licenses are valid for a two year period from the date of issuance. Applicants will need to apply for a biennial review.

How Much Will This Bond Cost?

The premium that you pay for a City of Las Vegas cultivation, production, and/or dispensary surety bond is dependent on credit and business and personal financial statements.

Did You Know?

The State of Nevada will be taking applications to issue retail taxation licenses beginning September 2018. Upon awarding of a state license, businesses located in Las Vegas will then need to apply for a business license.

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