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Connecticut's Department of Consumer Protection is responsible for licensing Connecticut Lottery Sales Agents, or Lottery Retailers.

Lottery retailers in Connecticut earn 5% commission for every $1 in lottery sales, plus 1% commission of the prize value for cashing winning tickets. Businesses that sell lottery tickets have proven to increase overall sales for the business, as lottery players tend to make other purchases in the store, and can become repeat customers. Connecticut business owners who are interested in selling lottery tickets must be licensed, and a part of licensing may include obtaining a surety bond.

License Requirements:

Lottery retailers in Connecticut must be licensed. The license expires annually on March 31. Renewal notifications are mailed by Jan. 1, and there is no fee to renew.

Applicants for a license must:

  • Register with the Connecticut Secretary of State if the business is an LLC, LLP, or corporation
  • Submit a signed application for a Lottery Sales Agent
  • Provide a W-9 with a taxpayer ID number
  • Submit a tax certification form that has been completed and signed by the applicant and the tax collector
  • Individuals listed on the application must be photographed. Large corporate chains are exempt except for the Person in Charge. A new photograph is required every three years.
  • Provide security of the business premises
  • Ensure the premises is accessible to the public
  • Undergo a criminal background check
  • Open a dedicated lottery bank account for lottery money
  • May not sell or redeem tickets to minors under 18
  • May only sell tickets during your regular business hours
  • Be courteous to all customers
  • Attend training sessions

Surety Bond Requirement:

  • Provide a type of security if required by the Connecticut Lottery Commission (CLC). The CLC will request a consumer credit report on the applicant, and may use the report to decide if a surety bond (or other form of security) will be required, or if they want to allow applicant to be an agent at all. The security protects the state from financial loss due to inappropriate actions by a lottery agent.
  • What Will This Bond Cost?

    The premium you pay for a Connecticut Lottery Retailer Surety Bond depends on the bond amount and your credit. Our rates start at $100 for bond amounts of $10,000 and less, and 1% for bond amounts greater than $10,000, with good credit. Contact our Surety Bond Specialists for a free quote that fits your specific situation.

    Did You Know?

    Connecticut has the 4th oldest lottery in the U.S., with the state's lottery games beginning in 1972.

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