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Alabama Onsite Wastewater Pumper Surety Bond

A wastewater treatment facility

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The Alabama Onsite Wastewater Board, has the responsibility of regulating, licensing, educating and testing of service providers in the industry. The board has oversight of septic system and portable toilet manufacturing, servicing, and installation through the licensing of those that provide onsite wastewater services.

The State of Alabama Administrative Code 420-3-1-.01 thru 420-3-1-.109 defines the regulations process onsite sewage treatment and disposal. The Alabama Onsite Wastewater Board Administrative Code Chapter 628-X-3 provides licensing details.  Pumper’s will need to obtain a license to offer services such as servicing or pumping of septic systems, replacing lids or to repair, maintain or replace septic tank parts. A pumper is also need to obtain a surety bond that ensures compliance of state board regulations and faithful performance of duties.

Surety Bond and License Requirements:

  1. Take the required training course.
  2. Pass the written (or oral) exam.
  3. Complete the license application and payment of the application fee.
  4. Complete the US Citizenship/Legal Presence Document.
  5. A $15,000 surety bond is required for the pumper's license.
  6. The surety bond and license must be renewed by December 31.

How Much Will a Wastewater Pumper Bond Cost?

The premium you pay for an Alabama Onsite Wastewater Pumper Surety Bond is dependent on credit. Rates start at $100 with good credit.

Did You Know?

The main reason an onsite wastewater system fails is because it has not been properly maintained.

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