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Septic tanks in the ground.
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Time to Renew Your Wastewater Service Provider Bond

Wastewater is a product of nearly all households, businesses, commercial plants and dining establishments in the United States. Sources of wastewater can come from laundry, bathing, flushing of toilets, dishwashers as examples. But have you ever considered where the waste goes and how the system works?

Well in a nutshell, onsite wastewater systems are often referred to as septic systems. The process begins with the wastewater entering the septic system through pipes that go underground and then into a tank where it goes through an effluent screen to filter to solids out and then it moves on to a treatment and dispersal process. The systems use gravity for final dispersal into the ground.

Most basic septic systems are installed as conventional methods. However, non-traditional methods may be required if space, regulations, soil type or other issues arise.  Non-traditional methods can include pumps or advanced treatment systems that utilize technology.

In the state of Alabama, onsite wastewater service providers must be licensed and bonded to operate within the state.  The annual renewal period begins January 1, 2017 and licensed service providers must renew their license and bond by December 31.

Service providers that are required to be licensed include: Advanced Level I Installers & Advanced Level II Installers -install engineered wastewater treatment systems, pumpers -pumping of septic tanks and portable toilets, portable restroom operators and manufacturers of concrete or plastic septic tanks.

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