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Do You Need a Water Well Contractor or Driller Surety Bond?

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A Water Well Driller or Contractor Surety Bond is a financial guarantee to the state engineer and generally is a license requirement.

A licensed driller binds himself to pay the penal sum to the state engineer in the event of significant noncompliance with the Administrative Rules for Water Well Drillers. Many factors can determine the bond amount, such as the driller's compliance history, the size or depth of the well, the resources to be recovered and the cost to decommission a well. The required surety bond amount varies, as does the type of license, permit or registration offered by each state

Do I Need a Surety Bond For My License?

Several states require surety bonds for licenses, permits or registration of well constructors, maintenance of wells or well repair, well drilling, water system contractors, pump installers and well inspectors. These states include Arkansas, California, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington and West Virginia. Other states may only require registration, a permit or a license, but may not have a surety bond requirement. Many states have an educational or apprentice program for well drillers and are often required to pass an exam for licensing. Well drillers may also have to carry liability insurance and pay an annual license, registration, or permit fee.

How Much Will a Water Well Contractor or Driller Bond Cost?

The premium that you pay for a Water Well Contractor or Driller Surety Bond will depend on credit and the bond amount required. Our low rates start as low as .5% of the bond amount depending on the state requiring the bond.

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More Surety Bond Questions?

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