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What are Fiduciary Court Surety Bonds?

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A Fiduciary Surety Bond, also called a Probate Surety Bond is required for anyone legally entrusted or appointed for the care of a ward - adult or minor that includes the oversight of their financial affairs.

A local probate court or the Veterans Affairs Administration may require a person appointed as fiduciary to secure a surety bond to peform the duties the that have been assigned to them.

Examples include administrators, trustees, fiduciaries, guardians and executors.

They are required in a number of circumstances, including the administration of an estate and the management of the affairs of a trust or a ward.

There are several types of Fiduciary Surety Bonds:

  • Conservator Of An Adult Surety Bondis required for the guardianship of an adult.
  • Conservator Of A Minor Surety Bondis required for the guardianship of a minor.
  • Administrator Surety Bond is required to manage the estate of a deceased individual.
  • A Department of Veteran Affairs surety bond facilitates the protection and management of benfits awarded to veterans or their beneficiaries who have been inflicted by illiness, aging or injury, or for the care of their children.

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    What Does This Bond Cost?

    The premium you pay for a Fiduciary or Probate Surety Bond is dependent on credit and the amount of the estate.

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