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What Is a Department of Veterans Affairs Fiduciary Bond?

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The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or Veterans Affairs Administration has developed a program that protects and manages the benefits of those Veterans injured or inflicted by disease, or for the care of their children.

The VA appoints an individual known as a Fiduciary to uphold the estate of the Veteran. They are responsible and are held liable for the estate. To ensure against financial mismanagement or abuse, a fiduciary surety bond is required. The amount of the bond will be determined by Veterans Affairs Administration and is based on settlements and monthly deposits. This appointment will come in the form of confirmation letter that will also include the bond amount that will be required.

What Will This Bond Cost?

The premium you pay for a Fiduciary Bond is dependent on the credit of the appointed fiduciary and the required bond amount. A copy of the letter that you will receive from the Veteran's Affairs Administration will need to be emailed to info@SuretyGroup.com or faxed to 404-351-3237 prior to the issuance of the bond.

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