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H-2a Farm Labor Contractor Surety Bond

Farm laborers work during harvest season.

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A H-2a Farm Labor Contractor surety bond is required by the U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division for employment of temporary migrant and seasonal agricultural workers.

The H-2a program ensures compliance by farm labor contractors fulfilling temporary farm labor needs for harvesting or other agricultural activities. Compliance includes such things as proper pay, transportation, housing, and accommodations for migrant or seasonal workers.

Farm labor contractor applicants are required to complete the WH-530 application to obtain a certificate of registration WH-530 Application. Mail completed applications to the U.S. Department of Labor Wage Hour Division, Farm Labor Certificate Processing, 90 Seventh Street Ste 13-100, San Francisco, CA 94103.

Surety Bond Requirements

H-2a workforce requirements include ensuring the appropriate surety bond is obtained according to the number of employees for each job site:

• 25 employees or fewer - a $5,000 bond is required
• 25 to 49 employees - a $10,000 bond is required
• 50 to 74 employees - a $20,000 bond is required
• 75 to 99 employees - a $50,000 bond is required
• 100 or more employees - a $75,000 bond is required.

Elgible Countries for the Temporary Work Program:

Andorra • Argentina • Australia • Austria • Barbados • Belgium • Belize • Brazil • Brunei • Bulgaria • Canada • Chile • Colombia • Costa Rica • Croatia • Czech Republic • Denmark • Dominican Republic • Ecuador • El Salvador • Estonia • Ethiopia • Fiji • Finland • France • Germany • Greece • Grenada • Guatemala • Haiti • Honduras • Hungary • Iceland • Ireland • Israel • Italy • Jamaica • Japan • Kiribati • Latvia • Lichtenstein • Lithuania • Luxembourg • Macedonia • Madagascar • Malta • Moldova • Mexico • Monaco • Montenegro • Nauru • The Netherlands • Nicaragua • New Zealand • Norway • Panama • Papua New Guinea • Peru • The Philippines • Poland • Portugal • Romania • Samoa • San Marino • Serbia • Singapore • Slovakia • Slovenia • Solomon Islands • South Africa • South Korea • Spain • St. Vincent and the Grenadines • Sweden • Switzerland • Taiwan* • Thailand • Timor-Leste • Tonga • Turkey • Tuvalu • Ukraine • United Kingdom • Uruguay • Vanuatu

The surety bond terms are for two years including the harvest date.

How Much Will a H-2a Labor Contractor Bond Cost?

The premium that you pay for U.S. Department of Labor H-2a Surety Bond is dependent on credit and the bond amount required.

Did You Know?

A new H-2a surety bond is required for each harvest season.


H-2a Farm Labor Contractors
H-2a Temporary Agricultural Workers
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