Why Picking the Right H-2A Bond Provider is Important

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SuretyGroup.com writes surety bonds for the H-2A Program.

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 Harvest seasons approach quickly. Are you prepared?

You have up-to-date information and have met the documentation requirements. But did you secure a bond? Besides workers compensation, transportation, housing and meal requirements, the US Administrator Wage and Hour Division requires a surety bond in order for you to be a licensed H-2A Labor Contractor.  This is also known as the H-2A Program bond or the H-2A Migrant Farm Contractor bond. This license and permit bond guarantees that you, the contractor, will follow all laws and regulations in place to protect the workers from harmful situations and exploitation.

Depending on the number of harvest locations, you may need several bonds, and possibly a new bond for each harvest season. You will want to pick a surety bond partner who is experienced in the extensive H-2A program requirements. At SuretyGroup.com, we are a surety bond provider who can partner with you to help fulfill your bonding needs quickly and simply for any state in the US.

SuretyGroup.com is here to assist you with the H-2A Labor Contractor requirements. We provide an easy and quick application process to meet your bond needs.

The bond professionals at SuretyGroup.com have many labor contractor partners with H-2A surety bonds across the country. We truly would like to add you to that distinguished list and help take a load off your shoulders. Let us walk you through the steps and keep you informed of federal legal changes that may affect your future bond needs.

Click here for H-2A Labor Contractor program details. A handy checklist is included to help you prepare for your upcoming harvest season.

How do you get your H-2A Labor Contractor Bond?

We offer three convenient application options:

1) Apply online today – in just minutes!

2) Download a paper application.

3) Call us at 1‑844‑432‑6637 to complete the application over the phone, Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm CST.

NOTE: We will also need your 790 form to complete the process. You can scan and email the forms to info@suretygroup.com or fax them to 404-351-3237 .

SuretyGroup.com would like to be your trusted H-2A Bond provider not only today, but for many harvest seasons to come.


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