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What Businesses Need a Business Services Fidelity Bond?

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A Business Services fidelity bond provides protection against financial liability for the loss of a customer's or client's money, securities, and personal property caused by acts of misconduct or dishonest employees of the insured while on the clients premises. Upon conviction of the employee perpetrator, the bond will pay the loss. (Some states require an indictment or conviction before the bond will pay out.)

Limits for this coverage range from a minimum of $2,500 to a maximum of $100,000. Some of the more frequently requested bonds are for temporary employment agencies, home health care, janitorial, cleaning services and security guard services.

Important Facts:

  • Dishonest acts of your employees while on the premises of your clients creates a liability for YOU, the employer.
  • A standard bond DOES NOT protect your assets from liability due to employee dishonesty.
  • If you are an owner or officer of a company that has employees working at client locations, odds are, your business or personal assets are at risk!
  • Employee theft isn't a casual occurrence. It is an intentional act of misconduct, embezzlement or theft and it's the cause of one out of every five business failures. According to the Department of Justice, nearly a third of employees are involved in some form of theft and this is a number that should not be ignored.

Types of businesses where a Business Services Bond is required or recommended:

Janitorial Services Security Guard Interior Decorator
Pest Control Carpet Cleaning Locksmiths
Maid Service Appliance Repair Messenger Services
Home Photographer Food Catering Other Contractors
Concierge Surety Fireworks Surety Housekeeping
Pool Cleaning Gutter Cleaning Lawn Services
Health Care Provider Painters Pet Sitters


What Does This Bond Cost?

The premium amount you pay for a Business Services Fidelity Bond is based on the number of employees, bond amount required and credit of the business owners.

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