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Where Can I Get a Lost Instrument Bond in Tennessee?

Close up of a stock certificate, a common Lost Instrument

If you own a valuable document or instrument that has been lost, stolen or destroyed, more than likely then you will need a Lost Instrument Bond. The required bond protects the original issuer from a financial loss that may be a result of issuing a duplicate. Often, the original issuer will also require you to complete a Lost Instrument Affidavit.

A Fixed Penalty Bond is for an instrument or document that keeps the same value as when purchased or acquired, such as a certified check.

An Open Penalty Bond is for an instrument or document that can change in value, such as a stock certificate (common or preferred).

Examples of what is considered a lost instrument:

  • Common Stock Certificate
  • Savings Bankbook
  • Check
  • Money Order
  • Cashier’s Check
  • Certificate of Deposit
  • Other Financial Securities
  • Preferred Stock Certificate

  • How Much Will This Bond Cost?

    The premium or “cost” for a lost instrument bond depends on the amount of the bond needed and if you need a fixed or open penalty bond. SuretyGroup.com provides quotes at no cost or obligation. We are here to help.

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