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South Carolina Bingo Revenue Surety Bond

 South Carolina Bingo Revenue Bond

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Nonprofit organizations in South Carolina are allowed to raise funds legally with Bingo activities. The organization must be operating in the state for at least three years before applying for a Bingo license.

Organizations that generate funds through Bingo games must contract the activities through a licensed solicitor and/or promoter to manage, operate, or conduct a game. The Department of Revenue enforces the laws and rules. Violations could result in fines, loss of a license or criminal charges. Applicants must complete the application, pay the applicable fees, and obtain a surety bond. Additional requirements must be met depending on the type of license the applicant is applying for.

Manufacturers, Promoters, Organizations or Distributors of Bingo Cards are required to obtain a bond in an amount approved by the South Carolina Department of Revenue. The bond ensures faithful compliance with the department's regulations.

Obligee and Surety Bond:

South Carolina's Department of Revenue is the obligee that requires a South Carolina Bingo Revenue Bond.

The required surety bond amounts are as follows:

  • Class AA - $50,000
  • Class B - $20,000
  • Class C - $10,000
  • Class D - no bond needed
  • Class E, F, Promoters, Manufacturers, Distributors - $10,000
  • Licensing Requirements

    The fees for a Bingo License are based on the license type:

    • Class AA - $4,000
    • Class B - $1,000
    • Class C - no cost
    • Class D - $100 for 10 days and under, $200 for more than 10 days
    • Class E - $500
    • Class F - $100

    Promoters, Manufacturers, and Distributors must obtain a license. Fees are:

    • Promoter: $1,000
    • Manufacturer: $5,000
    • Distributor: $2,000

    Admission to Bingo events is determined by the class of license:

    • Class AA: entrance fee of $18
    • Class B - $5
    • Class D or Class E: may charge $5
    • Class F - may charge $3

    Some of the regulations regarding Bingo licensing include:

  • Non-profit organizations must submit a notarized application.
  • The organization must be exempt from federal income taxes. Otherwise, they may not conduct Bingo games.
  • A non-profit organization may only have one Bingo license.
  • At least 50% of the proceeds must be returned to the players in prizes.
  • Bingo sessions are limited to 12 hours, and may not extend past 2:00am.
  • No more than one non-profit organization may conduct Bingo games in a building.
  • The Bingo cards cannot be sold or transferred to other organizations, distributors, or manufacturers.
  • Bingo manufacturers, distributors, organizations, and promoters will be subject to a background investigation.
  • How Much Will This Bond Cost?

    The premium that you pay for a South Carolina Bingo Revenue Surety Bond is dependent on credit and the bond amount required. Rates start as low as $100 with good credit. Our Surety Bond Specialists can give you a free quote based on your specific situation.

    Did You Know?

    A Bingo promoter, manufacturer, and distributor license is valid for one year.

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