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Pennsylvania Vehicle Dealer Surety Bond

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A vehicle dealer in Pennsylvania is required to have a license and obtain a surety bond to operate a dealership. In Pennsylvania, a vehicle dealership is defined as being either new and/or used and offer cars or autos, trucks, motor homes, recreational vehicles, all-terrain vehicles (ATV), scooters, electric cars, motorcycles, trailers (GV over 3,000 lbs), manufactured housing, mobility vehicles, or special purpose vehicles

Surety Bond and License Requirements:

  1. Dealer applicants can complete the application process through the Pennsylvania Online Licensing System and pay the license fee.
  2. Dealer applicants are required to provide original photos of the outside and inside of the business location, including the office and phone, locked filing cabinet, outdoor signage, lot, and sign of posted hours, and must pass a criminal background check (including owners, partners, officers, etc).
  3. Provide the attachments listed in the application that include a copy of deed or lease and phone bill, zoning approval, resumes with five years work experience for each owner, director, partner or officer, and other applicable documents.
  4. Obtain a $20,000 surety bond for the main and for each branch location. The surety bond will need to be submitted with the application.
  5. Dealers must renew their licenses by May 31 of odd numbered years.

How Much Will This Bond Cost?

The premium that you pay for a Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Dealer Surety Bond is dependent on credit and vehicle industry experience. Our rates start at $200 with good credit. Contact our Surety Bond Specialists for a free quote.

More Surety Bond Questions?

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