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Do Illinois Plumbing Contractors Have a Surety Bond Requirement?

An Illinois Plumber works on a sink

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) requires Plumbing Contractors that plan, install, inspect, change, repair and maintain plumbing systems to have a license. The Department regulates plumbers and the plumbing industry to ensure compliant work standards, safe drinking water and to reduce toxic gases into the air.

Plumber applicants must first pass a state exam and apprentice for a 48 to 72 month period prior to applying for licensure.

Apprentice plumbers can apply for a plumbing apprenticeship as early as the age of 16. The applicant must be able to pass the apprenticeship program within six years and pass the licensing exam or forfeit their renewal of the apprentice license.

Upon completion of the exam and apprenticeship, a plumber applicant can register for a contractor license.

Contractor applicants must be a US citizen and have completed at least two years of high school or an equivalent in course instruction.

Contractor applicants will need to complete the applicable license application and pay the application registration fee.

Applicants will need to obtain a $20,000 plumbing contractor surety bond. The following contractors are required to have a surety bond:

  • Corporation Plumbing Contractor
  • Limited Liability Plumbing Contractor
  • Partnership Plumbing Contractor
  • Sole Proprietor Plumbing Contractor

  • Instead of a surety bond, a letter of credit for the same amount may be deposited with the state.

    In addition to the bond, applicants will need to obtain insurance coverage. The minimum coverage per occurence required is as follows: $100,000 general liability, $300,000 bodily injury and $50,000 property damage. Applicants will also need $500,000 worker's compensation coverage unless they can qualify for the opt-out option.

    Licensed plumbing contractors can only work for one company at a time.

    Licenses renew September 30 of each year.

    How Much Will This Bond Cost?

    The premium that you pay for an Illinois Plumbing Contractor Surety Bond is dependent on credit.

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