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Is There a Bond Requirement for Surface Mining in Georgia?

A surface mining project is underway in Georgia

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division, Surface Mining Unit reviews applications and approves land use plans for surface mining, issues surface mining permits, conducts compliance audits of surface mining operations, reviews and approves bonding requirements and ensures the reclamation of completed mining operations.

Surface Mining Permit applicants must complete the application for surface mining permit and submit a land use plan which includes mining and reclamation.

Surface Mining operators in Georgia are required to obtain a surety bond before a mining operation can begin. The bond amount is based on the number of acres to be surface mined and will be determined by the Surface Mining Unit.

Operators must meet the requirements of the Surface Mining Act of 1968, and the bond cannot be released until the operator has met reclamation obligations on the land affected. The Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division will notify operators when the land is satisfactorily reclaimed.

Instead of a bond, a letter of credit from an approved financial institution is acceptable and will need to be filed with the state.

How Much Will This Bond Cost?

The premium that you pay for a Georgia Surface Mining Bond is dependent on the bond amount that is determined by the Surface Mining Unit prior to the bond being issued. Further, depending on the bond amount, personal credit and business financial statements may be required.

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