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Georgia Public Official Probate Court Judge Surety Bonds

A judge rules in a probate court case

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Georgia probate court judges are public officials who rule on probate matters and the administration of estates. This includes ruling on estates where a person died intestate (without a will), ruling on wills that are contested, appoints and oversees guardians and conservators, issues marriage licenses, and and issues weapons carry licenses. Some probate judges also rule on traffic offenses, hear misdemeanor cases, handle vital records, and serve as their county's Supervisor of Elections.

In Georgia, probate court judges are required to obtain a $100,000 surety bond. A surety bond guarantees that the judge will perform their duties faithfully and honestly.

Probate Court Judge Surety Bond

Georgia bill SB 436 passed in 2018, which increased the surety bond amount for Probate Judges from $25,000 to $100,000. The surety bond protects taxpayers and consumers from financial loss due to unlawful acts by a probate court judge. The bond is filed with Georgia's Secretary of State.

Did You Know?

Public officials that are required to obtain a surety bond must have the bond in place before taking office.

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