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Do Resident and Non-Resident Trapping or Fur Dealers in Georgia Need a Bond?

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In Georgia, Non-Residents who perform trapping services and Resident and Non-Resident Fur Dealers are required to have a license and obtain a forfeiture bond. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement, Wildlife Resources Division oversees the licensure of trappers, fish dealers, fur dealers fish hatcheries and more.

Non-resident trapping is defined as the taking, capturing or killing of wildlife with traps.

Resident and non-resident fur dealers are defined as purchasing or selling of furs, hides, pelt of fur-bearing animals or alligators.

Applicants must complete the Commercial License application and pay the applicable license fee.

Non-resident trapping licenses are required to have a $2,500 forfeiture bond.

Resident and non-resident fur dealer licenses are required to have a $5,000 forfeiture bond. If the fur is from raccoon only, a bond is not required.

Commercial licenses and bonds must be renewed by April 1 of each year.

How Much Will This Bond Cost?

The premium that you pay for a Georgia Trapping or Fur Dealer Bond is dependent on credit.

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