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Do Georgia Limited Group Health Counselors Need a Bond?

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Georgia requires Limited Group Health Counselors to apply for a resident insurance license and obtain a surety bond in order to provide services.

The State of Georgia Office of Commissioner of Insurance oversees the insurance industry including agents, adjusters, counselors and more. In addition to a license, insurance agents are required to obtain insurance designations which also lets customers know their insurance agent's level of education in the industry.

Limited Group Health Counselors are required to have a CIC designation (Certified Insurance Counselor) CLU, FMLI, RHU (Registered Health Underwriter) and REBC (Registered Employee Benefits Consultant).

Applicants that have had an agent license for at least five years in the line of accident and sickness or having a designation are exempt from having to pass the examination.

Limited group health counselors will need to obtain and complete an application and the attachments for licensure and pay the license and application fee. Applicants will also need to submit fingerprints and be able to pass a criminal background check.

Applicants are required to obtain a $5,000 surety bond for licensure. The bond ensures that the agent will act in good faith towards their clients and adhere to all state laws and regulations.

The required attachments for the application include: a complete Citizenship Affidavit (and have it notarized, if applicable), an original clearance letter for any insurance licensure in any other state for the past five years, and a copy of a current U-4/Web CRD status report showing NASD Series 6 or 7 registration.

And a resume' or other evidence of five years of experience as an subagent, agent, adjuster or some other form of insurance experience.

License applications, the original bond and attachments will need to be sent to Georgia's Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner.

How Much Will This Bond Cost?

The premium that you pay for a Georgia Limited Group Health Counselor Bond is dependent on credit.

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