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When Does a Court Require a Cost Bond?

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A Cost Bond is required by the courts to guarantee payment of court costs. The bond is usually required for principals involved in court cases where the case is being handled in a state in which the principal does not reside.

A Cost bond is a promise to pay fees and attorney expenses. It is provided by one of the parties as a guarantee of payment for any costs that may be judged against him. While being litigated, the bond guarantees the payment of the costs subject to the terms and condition of the bond. A cost bond may also be required of an appealing party in a civil case, in order to cover the parties expenses if the judgment is confirmed.

NOTE: This is not the same as a Bail Bond. SuretyGroup.com does not write bail bonds.

Complete the bond application and provide a copy of the judgement which will be required prior to issuance of the bond. Email the copy to info@SuretyGroup.com or fax to 404-351-3237.

What Does This Bond Cost?

The premium you pay for a Cost Bond is dependent on credit and the bond amount required. Collateral will also be required for this bond.

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