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Does My Business Need an Auto Salvage or Dismantler Bond?

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All Motor Vehicle Dismantlers, Parts Recyclers and Motor Vehicle Dealers need a Dismantler Surety Bond. This Dismantler bond is required by your state Department of Taxation and Revenue.

Around 14 million cars are taken off US roads every year. These vehicles are often damaged beyond repair, although some of the parts can be salvaged. The remaining vehicle can be crushed and recycled.

Vehicles contain many toxic chemicals that must be safely removed before they can be recycled, which benefits the environment. Recyclers also have access to car titles and license plates. A surety bond ensures that the business operates ethically and lawfully.

Bond Amounts by State:

Alabama Dismantler & Parts Recycler Bond - $25,000
Alabama Automotive Dismantler & Parts Recycler License Requirements

Arizona Motor Vehicle Recycler Bond - $20,000
Arizona Motor Vehicle Recycler License Requirements

Florida Salvage Bond - $25,000
Florida application for Salvage Vehicle Dealer License

Georgia Used Motor Vehicle Parts Dealer Bond - $10,000
Georgia Department of Revenue

Hawaii Salvage Repair Bond - $25,000
Hawaii Salvage License Information and Bond Form

Indiana Automotive Salvage Repair Bond - $25,000
Indiana Automotive Salvage Recycler Application Information

Louisiana Automotive Dismantler & Parts Recycler Bond - $20,000
Louisiana Used Motor Vehicle Commission

Minnesota Salvage Pool Vehicles Bond - $50,000
Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services

Mississppi Distmantler Bond - $15,000
Mississippi Motor Vehicle Dealer Regulations

Nevada Motor Vehicle Salvage Pool Bond - $50,000
Nevada Wrecker and Salvage Pool Information

New Mexico Vehicle Dealer or Dismantler Bond - $50,000
New Mexico Dismantler Bond Form

Oregon Dismantler Bond - $10,000
Oregon Motor Vehicle Dismantler License
How to Become an Oregon Dismantler

Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Salvage Bond - $10,000
Requirements for a Pennsylvania Salvage Dealer
Application for Pennsylvania Automotive Dismantler and Recycler License
Pennsylvania Automotive Dismantler and Recycler Bond Form

West Virginia Motor Vehicle Dismantler Bond - $25,000
West Virginia Motor Vehicle Dismantler Bond Form
West Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer Licening Information

Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Salvage Dealer Bond - $25,000
Wisconsin Salvage Licening Information

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