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Is a Blanket Bond for Alabama Submerged Offshore Lands Operations Required?

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The State Oil and Gas Board of Alabama, is a regulatory agency that promotes conservation and protection of the environment. The board enforces the state rules and regulations through oversight of oil and gas exploration, drilling, operation, and production, Class II injection well(s), and underground storage of gas in reservoirs in Alabama.

The Oil and Gas Board of Alabama Administrative Code 400-1-1-.01 thru 400-7-1-.23 defines the regulations process for oil and gas permits. The following is required for the Submerged Offshore Lands Operations permit for the purpose of commencement of “drilling, competing, converting, operating, or producing any oil, gas, or Class II injection well, including production facilities, processing facilities, injection facilities, underground storage facilities in reservoirs, offshore plants, pipelines, and other equipment associated with such well “(400-2-2-.03):

1. Completion of the permit application and payment of the permit fee.
2. Submit with the permit application a “Certified Plat” (in triplicate). The certified plat must meet the conditions and requirements for the applicable operation (offshore, onshore, CBM, etc).
3. Complete an affidavit of ownership or control (Form OGB-2).
4. Complete an organization report (Form OGB-5).
5. Provide a statement that any zone that contains oil, gas, or freshwater will be fully protected by casing and cement.
6. Provide 2 copies of each of the following:
a. Casing cement down hole schematics
b. Mud
c. Blowout prevention
d. Drill rig specifications
e. Listing of drilling problems
f. Report of shallow hazards
g. Certificate of compliance
h. Area contingency spill plan
i. Deepening or directional drilling
7. A $1,000,000 blanket surety bond is required. The original bond must be signed by signed by the owner, director or partner and then submitted to the Board.

How Much Will This Bond Cost?

The premium that you pay for an Alabama Submerged Offshore Lands Operations Permit Blanket Bond is dependent on credit, personal and business financial statements.

Did You Know?

Alabama is among the top ten producers of oil in the United States (as of February 20, 2012).

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