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Does An Ohio Motor Auto Dealer Need A Bond?

A happy customer smiles while testing a car at an Ohio motor vehicle dealer

The State of Ohio requires a Motor Vehicle Dealer or Auto Dealer to obtain a license.

Auto dealers must complete an application for licensure found on OhioAutoDealers.com and pay the license and plate fees.

Applicants must pass a criminal background check, have minimum net worth of $75,000, must have a place of business exclusively to sell motor vehicles, have permanent signage, with letters at least 6 inches high, keep records for all vehicles leased, purchased and sold, provide photographs of the business: lot, office and signage.

Additional requirements must be met for used motor vehicle dealers.

New Motor Vehicle Dealer

Used Motor Vehicle Dealer

Camping Trailer Dealer

New Motorcycle Dealer

Used Motorcycle Dealer

Used Motorcycle Dealer

Currently, the Ohio Department of Pubilc Safety, Bureau of Motor Vehicles does not require a bond for licensing for motor vehicle dealers.

How Much Will This Bond Cost?

There is not a cost at this for an Ohio Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond since the bond is not a requirement.

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