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Why Do I need a Kentucky Contract Bond?

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Contracts are generally done through a solicitation procedure where companies and individuals can bid on services, construction projects or goods. The process could include completion of a bid bond form, application to a vendor system, and other requirements. Below are links that provide more details to contract processes.

Kentucky Contract Bonds are often required by local municipalities, counties, the federal government, universities or private entities. The process generally begins with a bidding process, and if awarded the contract, a contract bond or payment and/or performance bond (such as for a Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) contract) may be required. There are several categories that fall under the umbrella of contract bonds which include:

Kentucky Bid Bond: Ensures that the surety prequalifies the contractor bidding on the project. The bond confirms that if the contractor is the low bidder, the surety will issue the performance and payment bonds.

Kentucky Proposal Guarantee Bond: Another term for Bid Bond.

Kentucky Performance Bond: Guarantees the contractor will perform the contract, including finishing the project on time, staying within budget and other terms within the contract.

Kentucky Payment Bond: Guarantees that subcontractors, suppliers and laborers are paid.

Kentucky Supply Bond: Guarantees that the company will supply the goods with a specific timeline as outlined in the contract.

Kentucky Maintenance Bond: Guarantees materials workmanship for a certain period of time after a project is completed.

Did You Know?

The Small Business Administration has a Bond Guarantee Program to help small contractors bid on projects.

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How Much Will This Bond Cost?

SuretyGroup.com can write most Bid Bonds at no charge. Once a contractor is awarded a bid, the premium that you pay for a Kentucky Contract Bond will vary and are dependent on business and personal financial statements, work on hand, scope of work, the amount of the project and other conditions.

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