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TTB Alcohol Manufacturer Bonds

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SuretyGroup.com is legally licensed to write Alcohol Tax Bonds nationwide.

Alcohol Bonds are required for the sale, shipping, manufacturing and warehousing of liquor for both beverage and non-beverage purposes by one or more of the following: your county, state, or the federal government. They guarantee the payment of taxes collected on liquor and other alcoholic beverage sales.

If you are a new alcohol manufacturer, you would need to provide an alcohol surety bond in order to receive your liquor license. Each state has their own regulations regarding renewal timeframes for your bond; more on this below.

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What is an Alcohol Surety Bond?

With this type of bond, it is your obligation to pay all applicable alcohol taxes appropriately. If you (the Principal) were to fail to comply with the bond's terms, the government can make a claim on the bond to recover any unpaid taxes or fines.

A surety bond is a legal contract between three entities. The three parties involved in a surety bond are:

1. The Principal. In the case of alcohol bonds, this is the business or individual who will sell liquor.

2. The Obligee. The state, county or city government agency that requires the bond.

3. The Surety. The company that guarantees the bond.  As your agent, we have special arrangements with surety companies to approve your bond.  The Surety Company honors the terms of the agreement the Principal entered into with the Obligee.  

New Business Information

If you are a new business, such as a brewery or winery, understanding the process can be challenging. The first step in the process is determining what type of business you fall under, such as:

• Alcohol Producers and Manufacturers (Distilleries, Breweries, or Wineries)

• Alcohol Importers, Wholesalers and Exporters

• Alcohol Users and Dealers

Once you determine your business type, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has created an interactive tutorial to give you a better understanding of starting a new business that will be regulated by the TTB.  Part of this process includes filing an application with the TTB and receiving approval before you can begin operations. Applications can be completed online or via paper applications at the TTB’s website.

Applications for new businesses:


TTB Forms


Consent to Surety Forms:



More Information on Liquor/Alcohol Tax Bonds by State

Each state sets their own bond amount and renewal date for alcohol or liquor bonds. Below is information on a few of the popular states for alcohol bonds.

Alcohol Tax (Retailers)  

  • Bond: Brewer’s Bond
  • Obligee: Department of the Treasury: Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)
  • Form: OMB 1513-0015
  • Amount required from excise tax if over $50,000


  • Bond: Retailers and Consumption on Premises Liquor License Performance and Tax Liability Bond
  • Obligee: Georgia Department of Revenue: Alcohol and Tobacco Division  
  • Address: PO Box 49512, Atlanta, GA 30359-1512
  • Amount: $2,500


  • Bond: Beer Permit Bond, Wine Permit Bond
  • Obligee: Department of Commerce: Alcoholic Beverages Division
  • Address: 1918 S.E. Hulsizer Road, Ankeny, Iowa 50021
  • Amount: $5,000


  • Bond: Kansas Liquor Drink Tax Surety Bond
  • Obligee: Kansas Department of Revenue: Customer Relations – Miscellaneous Segment 
  • Address: 915 SW Harrison St., Topeka, Kansas 66625-5000
  • Form: LD-400
  • Amount: Set by Obligee; usually based on a percentage of your sales volume


  • Bond: Surety Bond (generic form)
  • Obligee: State of Mississippi Department of Revenue: Alcoholic Beverage Control
  • Amount: Set by Obligee; usually based on a percentage of your sales volume

New Jersey

  • Bond: New Jersey Beverage Tax Bond
  • Obligee: NJ Department of the Treasury, Division of Taxation: Beverage Tax License 
  • Address: Unit CN-252, Trenton, New Jersey 08646
  • Form: B-7-1800
  • Amount: Set by Obligee; usually based on a percentage of your sales volume


  • Bond: Texas Continuous Bond-Mixed Beverage Gross Receipts Tax
  • Obligee: Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Austin, Texas
  • Amount: Set by Obligee; usually based on a percentage of your sales volume


  • Bond: Limited Restaurant Bond
  • Obligee: Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
  • Address: 625 s 900 W, PO Box 30408, Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0408
  • Amount: $5,000


SuretyGroup.com has been underwriting alcohol and liquor surety bonds for over 35 years throughout the US. We have a team of experienced surety agents and in-house underwriting authority, which gives us a unique advantage over other surety companies. We are able to offer competitive, low rates, quick approvals and immediate bond delivery. In most cases we can approve your application today and deliver your bond tomorrow.

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For more information, read our Blog on Alcohol Bonds.