Bad Credit / Impaired Credit Surety Bond

Also called bad credit bonds

We have programs for all credit types in all states.


No one has a perfect credit score
In today's economy, having a perfect credit score is nearly impossible. understands that many people are financially challenged but still need a surety company that offers them the opportunity to get a bond regardless of economic circumstances. Some businesses refer to these types of surety bonds as "bad credit bonds." calls them nontraditional bond programs.

We can write your bond
You can find surety providers on the internet that underwrite bad credit bonds, but they only operate in selected states. At, we can write surety bonds throughout the US. Low credit scores or bankruptcies do not limit our ability to write your bond. We can approve your bond even if other sureties have said no, and we will try to get you the bond you need regardless of your financial circumstances. This is a promise we make to all our clients.

The underwriting is simple
The bond underwriting process is simple. You can complete your online application and in most cases you will receive your bond tomorrow. Or you can contact our Surety Bond Specialists at:

Phone: 1‑844‑432‑6637
Fax:     404-351-3237
Hours: 8:00-5:00 CST, Monday through Friday