Tennessee Alcohol Tax Bonds

Keeping Compliant is in the Details

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Tennessee grocery stores are about to get a little wetter.

It’s been a long road for proponents of wine sales in Tennessee grocery stores. Currently, grocery stores are not legally allowed to sell wine. But in 2014, the Tennessee governor signed the “wine in grocery stores law,” which will open the door to wine sales starting July 1, 2016.

This influx of wine heading to grocery stores means more business for many of those in the alcohol industry. Warehousemen, Dealers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Transporters are preparing for the upcoming grocery store demand.

Besides being licensed, these businesses are also required to carry a Surety Bond. This ensures that they will comply with all the laws and regulations, which includes paying their Alcoholic Beverage taxes.

Warehousemen, Dealers, Manufacturers:

Those storing, selling, distributing and/or manufacturing alcoholic beverages must have a bond of $20,000.  This amount can be adjusted by the commissioner after the initial three months of operation.


Wholesalers must post a cash bond or surety bond with the Tennessee Department of Revenue annually. The bond amount is no less than 110% of the average monthly tax liability of the wholesalers for the preceding 12 month period.

Wholesalers who are just starting out must file a bond for a four-month period in an amount determined by the Commissioner. The amount will be adjusted at the end of that four-month period.

Wholesalers who have been in operation for three consecutive years and have timely paid the gallonage tax will no longer be required to be bonded.

The Department of Revenue reviews bonds annually and notifies wholesalers if their bond amount increases or decreases.


Those who transport alcoholic beverages within, into, through or from Tennessee must post $1000 bond with the Alcoholic Beverage Commission. The Transporter must have evidence of the bond at all times during the transportation. The route must be the most direct route from consignor’s place to the place of business.


The requirements for licensing and bonding are different for every state, so the more you educate yourself about your state’s laws, the easier it is to be in compliance.

If you have questions about Tennessee’s Alcohol taxes and bonding requirements, you can call the Department of Revenue’s toll-free tax information line for Tennessee residents at 800-342-1003 or 615-253-0600. The telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD) line is 615-741-7398.

How to Get Bonded

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