Why Medicaid Providers Need Surety Bonds

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Protecting the Medicaid Program

The rising costs of healthcare can be a struggle for many people, and it’s especially difficult for those with limited income and resources. Fortunately, those who qualify for Medicaid can get the care they desperately need.

Health care providers who accept Medicaid can include physician groups, transportation providers, independent laboratories, Durable Medical Equipment (DME) providers and Home Health Agencies.

Medicaid is a joint federal and state government program, and the government wants to make sure the program is not abused by the providers. Depending on the state the provider is located in, they may need a Medicaid Provider Bond.

A Medicaid Provider Bond is a $50,000 surety bond which ensures that the health provider complies with all the rules and regulations of that state, guarantees they will remit overpayments, and guarantees they will not charge the state for more coverage than the patient needs.

If you are a Medicaid provider and need a Surety Bond, you must purchase it from a Surety through a licensed agent, such as SuretyGroup.com.

SuretyGroup.com‘s Surety Bond Specialists can often give you same-day approval that makes the process quick and easy.

Have questions? SuretyGroup.com can help. Give us a call at 1-844-432-6637 and our Surety Bond Specialists can walk you through the bonding process.


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  1. Jordan says

    Great points. There’s a lot of reasons a Medicaid provider should get a surety bond – and the ins and outs of what that will mean for you and your patients. Thanks so much for sharing this overview!

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