South Carolina Water Well Drillers

A water well is being set up. writes surety bonds for water well drillers.

Certification and Bond Requirement

Water is a necessary resource for houses, farms and businesses, but they may be located in areas where water resources are not readily available.  In order to get the water resource to a usable method of output, a well will need to be drilled, dug, or bored into the underground aquifers. This may include drilling into rock or near coastal regions.

Since drilling, digging or boring a well can be a technical job, a Well Driller would be hired to survey the property and choose the best location for the well, the depth of the well, what the well may yield, and other considerations such as the elements under the ground surface including bedrock and clay.

Additional considerations to be taken into account include insuring the quality of the water and the conditions that may affect it.  Water well drillers would look at factors such as the proximity of barnyard runoff, methane gas, previous use of pesticides and fertilizers, nearby septic systems, dumpsites or old wells, and other factors that may not be seen. All of these factors can contaminate underground water and lead to undrinkable water or plugging of the well.

Water and environmental well drillers in South Carolina are required to be certified and have various levels of skill that allows them to drill, bore or dig into the ground. They must pass a series of exams to prove that they have a good working knowledge of well drilling and have the proper equipment.

Water well drillers have a $25,000 well driller bond requirement. The bond guarantees that the driller will perform their duties in a manner that complies with the laws in Section 40-23 of the South Carolina Code of Laws. The bond must be renewed annually with an approaching renewal date of June 30, 2017.

Insure that you water is drinkable and safe and hire a highly trained certified driller. The State of South Carolina provides a license look-up of water well drillers that can be found on the Environmental Certification Board website at – Your Online Bond Provider.

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